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Tuesday, 26 September 2006


Oh, have fun. Rub it in. And be careful.

I'm so sorry for Daisy Mae and Liana. This infertility stuff just isn't fair. Glad Liana has you to tear up the town with, though.

I'm glad the designer is feeling a little better.

Oooh, she actually lives in the same town as I did when I lived in PA. Have fun girls.

That isn't fair. You can't tease us with all of these future posts and then leave us hanging!

I am so sorry for Liana and Daisy Mae. Glad that you can show Liana a good time for the evening.
Good news about The Designer, sounds like she is pretty much out of the awful woods.

5:35 a.m? I've heard of that time, but I didn't think it really existed...

Wow- I am starting to feel a little lazy every time I read your blog! 5:35 is sleeping in?! Yikes!

You know, I think you wake up before I do most mornings, and I am on the EAST coast! Yikes! I really am lazy!

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