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Tuesday, 12 September 2006


Birthdays are always bittersweet. Here's to more sweet for yours. Planning trips to exotic places is always good. Always good.

I will raise my glass to that, Millie. May next year bring you that dream.

I was telling my hubbie this weekend that your birthday was soon! I admit, I couldn't remember exactly which day..... but Happy Birthday! Here is to a great year filled with bliss....

Oh my god, it's your birthday again? Weren't we just celebrating the big 4-0 a minute ago? I feel totally blindsided! Where did the year go?

I can't believe all that you've been through these past four years. You make it look easy, even though I know it's not.

Happy Birthday, and I hope this year we'll be stroller shopping.

Happy, Happy Birthday!

May you have all that wish for and more by this time next year.

Happy Birthday Millie - and I'm hoping that this coming year brings happiness and everything for which you have been hoping and dreaming. You deserve all the happiness and success that is your due. I'm praying that this dream is realized fully in this next year.

Thinking of you.

Happy Birthday, Millie. One way or another you are going to have your baby. I'm not going to throw any empty platitudes at you because I know how hard it was waiting for 4+ years for my own baby to make his appearance.

Happy Birthday

I hope this is the last birthday that comes without your dearest wish fulfilled.

Happy birthday. I hope by next year, you have that baby you desire so much.

happy birthday beautiful! may violet soften the wait and may you really do get to have your dream come true.

PS. of course if they do come true well violet will be lonely might I suggest this really cool city living chick as a placement option I have all mod cons including and not limited to a burning desire to drive violet er one just like her.

Happy Birthday Millie,
I'm glad you have this place where "the good and bad comes through" ... we all need that in between doing the best imitation...
best wishes.. Leanne

I just call it "Imitation of Life" after the film. Happy birthday sweetie. I am right behind you as the big 4-1 sneaks up on me too!

I bloody hate birthdays now, I never used to. I hope taht you have as good a one as possible, and I hope that this year is absolutely fabulous, as you deserve.

Lots of hugs and kisses.

Happy Birthday!!!!!! May the next year bring you love, happiness, good food, and two lines on a plastic stick.

Happy birthday millie!
I echo everyone's sentiments.
I hope the upcoming year brings you everything you've been hoping for. It's about time I think.

Wishing you a great birthday!

Birthdays and Christmases and other holidays can be very bittersweet.

Beyond today, I am wishing that the next year bring you even more blessings and wonderful surprises than you could ever imagine.

Happy birthday. I hope this coming year brings you everything you want.

Happy birthday! I hope that you will have an entirely different post next year.

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