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Monday, 14 August 2006


*hugs* There's too much damned pain in the world, isn't there? Thinking of you, M.

There IS too much pain. As someone who's experienced a different kind of loss in my life, I've spent a lot of time struggling with why me, why my mom, why, why, why. It's enough to make you feel very dark and gloomy about the world. Life just isn't fair.

Gee, am I cheering you up yet? I'm off to finish my wine now.

What?? I must know more! Who said what where? Sorry I missed your IM last night. Pls ping me again today


Hoo boy, I know who you are talking about! And you are totally on the money. My eyes could not roll back any further unless I was dead.

And you are so not a stoopid American infertile!

I'm sorry for your friends and I wish there wasn't so much pain. Especially in your corner of the world.

I'm sorry.

Bitter, yes, I can take bitter, but not stoopid. Oh, how I get this.

Amen to that. I wish they wouldn't flip flop all over the place. I think the stoopid infertiles should wear safety orange like the construction workers so we may avoid them.

I don't know who the stooopid infertile is, but I do know that you are a FABoooLOUS one.

Big, sloppy kisses...

Don't know who the stoopid one is, but I can relate!

Any secret clues? :-)

To have the "power", now that would be cool!

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