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Tuesday, 29 August 2006


I'm sorry you had such a horrible day. The only time I've had a flat I called my husband and he came and fixed it. If he wasn't available my dad would come. I know I really should learn how to change a flat, I just really don't want to...

Very cute Mini!

blech. I hate flat tires.
Cute mini. You are going love driving that car!!!

Good luck, good luck! I am SO with you on the purple car! The best color ever!

Love that ride! Hate flats...knock on wood. I hope you get that purple piece of paradise on wheels!

Eeek, what a day, but wooohooo what a car!

I must recommend the butt-warmers, though. I'm addicted to mine; I especially love them on a chilly but beautiful winter's day when I open the windows and turn the seat up to 5... toasty!

Have fun tonight.


Sorry about the crappy day. Cute mini, though! Hey, our architect drew up great plans for a two car garage with a studio apartment up top, if you ever want to borrow them. Don't know when we'll ever get around to using them ourselves...

Having had more flats than I care to remember, I always, always pay for roadside assistance.

The mini is cute but it looks blue to my pissy monitor.

PURPLE! That's so cool!!

Your flat was a sign from fate that you should have this MINI. We love those darling little cars (I actually have a secret plan to get one for my husband's 30th birthday as a surprise) and purple?!?!? You have to have it, seat warmers be damned.

Ugh, just for that, I think you need to buy a PURPLE mini.

Triple A and Roadside assistance. Because I'm not about to attempt to change a tire (I can, I just don't want to).

Congrats about the car :)

Talk about being smacked up the backside of the head with a sign . . .

Purple is totally awesome!! I'm so sorry about your day - but the whole flat thing is definitely a sign (not just buy the car, but get roadside assistance too, like AAA, because they'll also come get you if you break down anywhere- it's a very handy service).

I'm glad your day got better, and hope you do stay home and do the telecommute thing for a few days.

Good luck with the car - hope it works out!
And your mister is awesome to bring you flowers like that. He's a great guy!

Mondays are bad enough without a flat tire! I am impressed that you changed it yourself.

My dad taught me how to do this years ago, and I am not sure I could change a tire on my own now. :-)

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