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Thursday, 03 August 2006


I'm breathless with anticipation...

Can't wait to hear all about it.

Drive across the bay? Are you going to the Ferry building to buy a fancy artisan cheese? Because that's definitely something that would be fun to do. And very easy. But it probably wouldn't get you a baby. So I'm thinking this doesn't involve food.

Either way, good luck.

PS: If I poke a little bird who lives around here, do you think she would spill the beans so I don't have to wait for the next post? I could offer her chocolate? She's pretty loose lipped where desserts are involved.

How exciting!
Thinking 'good thoughts'!

I've never stopped thinking good thoughts for you - just flinging them across the country, hoping that they find you & stick.

I'll need a chiropractor I've got so much crossed for you!

Have all good thoughts nestled right here, close to my heart.


I am actually a long time reader of your blog, but infrequent commentor. ;) This beginning of a new plan sounds VERY interesting, and I look forward to hearing more about it!

Hopefully you won't keep us all in suspense for toooooo long!! ;)

All the best and of course sending you many good thoughts,

I always have good thoughts for you.Let us know when the plan begins so lucky cat can send you the blessings!

Nothing but good thoughts for you, my dear. Though I think you could still cycle in Capetown and have a blast with me (no pun intended).

Consider the good thoughts held!

Good thoughts always right here. Can't wait to hear about the new plan.

good thoughts being held.

Can't wait to hear the new plan!

Cool. Do tell.

Can't wait to hear more, but I'm so excited for you. New stuff is always good. We like new stuff.

All the good thoughts I can muster headed your way. I am very excited for you, I know it feels good to have a plan.

Hurling those positive thoughts your way.


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