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Sunday, 06 August 2006


Very juicy, thought-provoking post. I try to keep up with all this stuff but I admit it sometimes is too much for my little brain to handle. I am an Aussie currently living in the UK so the laws will be different.

For me, since I have been learning more about assisted conception (although I haven't had it yet), I do see embryos as human life so the options you discussed really made me think. What if I have to go down that route? What would I do. I speak as a person who had an abortion in my early twenties and I have had to totally rethink my position. I was totally pro choice but without ever having given the implications of that much thought. For me now, I can say I bitterly regret that decision and since my daughter has been born, I wonder every day what the baby I aborted would have been like. I have had couselling etc and that has helped but the regret will never go away.

I think embryo donation is a very loving thing to do but there are so many implications to whatever choice is made, it just blows my mind.

Thank you for this post. I am going to research this further.

Amen, sister.

well said.

I hate that he vetoed it. HATE IT. Thanks for this post.

well said. I completely agree with you.

Me and our 9 frozen embryos couldn't have said it better, M.

Totally agree...

I just saw a documentary about those snowflakes guys on tv (in Europe). It annoyed me to no end. What annoyed me even more was that the intro by the local presenter was so uncritical.
I really should send them a pissed off letter.

The good news is, propaganda like that is not very succesful where I live. There just aren't enough conservative christians left. :-)

Anyone who knows someone struggling with infertility must have scratched their head after the Bush photo op. I know I did!

Very well said, especially the parts about THAT MAN.

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