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Tuesday, 15 August 2006


I haven't seen any other male blogs. I'd love to read one.

How about "Out Damn Sperm!"

Please, Mister, start a blog!

Kisses to you and the Missus...


Ooh- I really wish he would start a blog. There are hardly any male voices out there in our infertility world.

Now coming up with a name is the hardest task!

Hi. I'm usually a lurker, only a rare commenter, but I hugely appreciate blogs about infertility and all their fabulous writers. A handful of male-authored ones I know are:
http://anicecupoftea.blogspot.com/ (she's newly pregnant)

I hope these great guys don't mind me passing on their links. Thanks for your blog, Millie, I hope your next reproductive effort brings you all you hope for.

Definitely, definitely, definitely. We need more male point-of-views. And then let me know if he starts one so I can add it to the blogroll.

Oh! And some more!

New Consumer Model - a male infertility blog in cartoons.

Diaries Of A Hopeful Dad To Be - by Max, the Dynamo Dad (to be, hopefully).

Life as Dad to Donor Insemination (DI) Kids - two DI kids, growing up fast.

And... the others you already have, but check the links of the above blogs in case I've missed any, too.


Ok... so for some weird reason my hypertexting didn't work. Therefore:







Oh, now that's just perverse.

Yes, please! After BHM there's been a complete void.

What a great idea, do you think you'll link him to yours ... teehee ...
What about 'About A Man' for a title?
I could sit here and come up with names all day ... but most would be cheesy ;o)

I liked "Out Damn Sperm" as it fits with your title but the more apt for men with MFI is:

"Work Damn Sperm Work"



I'm the author of one of the blogs Carrie mentioned above (thanks, Carries!). I've found that writing our story has been really helpful; I'm sure your Mister would, too. Mister, if you read this: do it!

The name of my blog was plucked out of nowhere, and was set up before I knew what it would be about...

I think that's a wonderful idea about the Mister starting a blog.
Like the "Out Damn Sperm" idea too!

I would love to see another male blog. I can't get my guy to open up very much so I would love to hear how the men feel going through this process.

I just want an (extra) bitter tshirt, so let me give it my best shot.

You remember that annoying 80's movie 'Look who's talking?'. The song 'Get around' by the Bee Gees was used at a strategic moment in the beginning of the movie.

In the IF version of that film, the soundtrack would contain 'Road to nowhere' by the Talking heads. Or 'Highway to hell' by AC/DC is you're so inclined.

Let's just say, the song got a new dimension for me since we realized we were IF.

Good luck on finding a good byline for the blog.

I'd think of something clever but I'm badly distracted by the picture of choclate cake to my right. Yum. Cake.

I'm sore whatever he chooses, it will be fine. Like cake.

Please tell the mister to start a blog..... my husband would be thrilled!

Throwing these out there.....

swimming upstream
fecundity.... HA!

I love the *road to nowhere* mentioned above!

I hope he does start one. I looked around hard for one for my husband to relate to, but had a tough time.

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