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Wednesday, 16 August 2006


I keep some of them on my list anyway. Leaving the light on for them.

Thanks for linking me to Bebe's blog. I need to update my blog, too. I have several blogs saved as favorites, but need to get organized. Maybe later.....


I also just updated mine... and added your blog to my links. It is stressful to delete a blogger that no longer blogs. Feel free to add me to yours!

I know, it surprises me that in the amount of time I have been reading blogs (about 2 years) and writing blogs (only a few months) how many blogs have shut down! It is very sad. And it makes me worried for the bloggers who have left, I wonder if they are okay and what has happened to them.

I even wonder sometimes what happens to "new" infertility blogs that crop up, and then disappear less than one month later. Did they get knocked up? Did someone in "real life" find their blog?

I don't know, but it always makes me wonder....

I am always adding to my blog roll, as I find more great blogs to read all the time.... I love typepad for that, it's so easy to update!

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