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Tuesday, 22 August 2006


Awesome, AWESOME news Millie!!

I am SO very excited for you both!!

So, if things go according to plan, what time frame would you be looking at for the donor embryo cycle?

all the best,

Wow, she sounds fabulous and you seem to be right on track with great prospects. You will have a baby or two dammit!!
Good luck!

It's all coming together! This attorney sounds perfect - it's important to be surrounded by people you trust in such a delicate matter. Can't wait to hear all the details.

good luck!

Awesome news. It's good to hear some hope! Very excited for you and the mister.

Wow how awesome, totally agree getting everything going at once!
Am I right - in the US you can adopt and be pregnant at the same time?

Woo hoo!!!

I think this is so amazingly wonderful. A two-pronged attack on infertility-very nice!

Up, up and away!!!!

Happy for you!

This is good news. I likes me a plan.

Yay for a solid plan! I'm so excited for you...

Yay for 2007! Dawn at thiswomanswork.com had a great discussion about persuing both treatment and adoption at the same time--it spans several posts but http://www.thiswomanswork.com/2006/08/12/treatment-and-adoption/ is in the middle of it. It was a very thought-provoking discussion. I wish you luck on all fronts!

Amen to that.

I'm happy for you!! It's all progress!

Rock on - if you get the nod from Bezerkley it's all good, he he!

I sense electricity in the air!

ooh, you might get knocked up and adopt too? There might be babies coming out of your ears soon!

It felt so good when we decided to go down as many paths as we could. There is a baby waiting for you down one of them!

ROll on 2007 is what I say. Time for a lucky break.

I love your attitude. Your determination is inspirational. I hope, hope, hope that things go your way soon...

You have ALL kinds of irons in the fire and options to explore! That is wonderful.

Oh, M! I feel all excited and ready to celebrate for you guys already, so come on big '07! :-)

M-Holy Cow girl! I have been away for a while and decided to check up on you. Sounds like you are going full steam ahead with both! May 2007 bring you and hubbie many many wonderful suprises.
Take care-L

This is fantastic news Millie. I am glad to see things moving forward! And if WAH (did I get that right?) should become a normal pattern, I would LOVE to meet up with you for lunch!!



Please let us know how the workshop goes. Great to hear that you are having a good attorney experience. :)

Awesome planning!! I am so excited for you and am so hopeful that things will be turning your way now!!!

Thinking about you always!

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