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Friday, 04 August 2006


Ohh, it sounds promising. I will keep everything crossed for you.

PS. I like my toast done on one side, too.

This is very exciting indeed! Can't wait to hear more...

This sounds good - good and promising good. And at least you know that your kids would have good taste in bags ... and rings.

I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien...

How'd you know Chris ate all those beans today?

I am so excited for you!!!! will chat Monday!

This sounds like a wonderful possibility! I hope that everything does work out and that your FET does happen. Very exciting!

your post gave me goosebumps ..exciting? , it's way more oomphy than that one little word can convey. so hoping everything goes well and that you do get to transfer this fall.

This is v v v exciting. I am trying to be restrained and cautious but dammit, this is exciting.

Moi? What has Katrina been telling you?

Congrats. It sounds like a wonderful plan. And what kid doesn't need more cousins?

hmmmm. . . i think there might be lots of good karma with this whole purple and black thing. . . i was wearing purple and black the day i e-mailed you. . .

and get back on that folic acid. pronto.

It's all good.


Oh Millie, this is very exciting. She sounds lovely, just like you. Keep us posted.


That's so exciting!

Wow this is so exciting. Far out this journey takes us to places we would never otherwise go. Not to be 'Pollyanna' but this really is the silver lining with IF.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving such kind words. It sounds like you have a wonderful plan Millie. Very exciting!

Hurrah! Sounds like an exciting plan!

Ooh, cannot wait to hear more but it is so exciting!

PS. OK, I have to ask. What is a bubble tea?

Millie- thank you for your words of wisdom on my blog the other day.

Wow- this is exciting news indeed! Wishing you all the best,

I'm so excited for you. I really hope this works out. And you are VERY right about Cowgirl Creamery. Mt. Tam is my most favorite cheese EVER.

That sounds so promising! I really do hope that it's going to happen.

I can hardly imagine the thrill you must feel when thinking about this Fall. Sending you all the most positive thoughts.

Millie this sounds like a wonderful plan, and you sound like a wonderful match. Purple and black, indeed! I hope that this is the start of a great new chapter.

It so good to get caught up and find good news - what a magnificant offer and what a great choice you are for her - or anyone. I love the internet. I love thinking about your internet baby. It's amazing what can happen when you open up.

I haven't been here in so long! I've missed everything! Great news!!!

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