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Thursday, 17 August 2006


Hey I get the musical reference ...YAY!
'Go ask Alice ..', but since you asked us bloggies.
I've been through so many different routines with vitamins. Right now I'm taking basic nutritional stuff and my CFG's own herbal concoction.
I have to say that I just don't know what I think about what to take anymore - I'm bumbling from one thing to another still searching for answers.
I've been to the 'famous CFG' in this town and had nil results, so now I take a fiscal view before anything else.

I just checked and it is magnesium oxide in my little brown pill and same dosage. What, no tiny aspirin amongst all that?? I think you have all the vitamin bases covered although I am sure there is something else that could be added in. Royal jelly?? Green algae?? Moon dust???

I have visions of you rampaging round the drugstore ransacking the aisles haha! If my pee is not dayglo acid yellow, I worry.

You have my sympathy! That is a lot of pills!!

Oh my! It sounds like a part time job to manage all those pills!

Right now I am on a tiny percentage of that-
- cheap/CVS version of prenatals
-metformin, 750 mg
- synthroid
-occasionally a baby aspirin

My routine is a bit more complicated because I'm taking divided doses that need to be on an empty stomach. You'd think I'd be skinny by now since I have to do this three times a day! Except I obviously make up those calories later ;)

Holy Crap! That's a lot of vitamins. You have my sympathies.

Good Lord Millie that's a lot of pills! I'm sending soothing thoughts to your throat!

Holy Molly Millie! That is an arsen of pills. I hope you don't get sick just from swallowing. I had a similar cabinet, tried the routine and then abandoned it because I felt that my headaches (remember first trimester) were due to too much Iron in my body. Whatever your body doesn't like, it will let you know for sure. Hope it helps!

One thing I'm happy for is that I've weaned down my pill intake considerably. I used to be the same way, but now I'm on effexor, prenates, omega (which I'm hoping to get my prenates switched to have an omega included as mine currently doesn't), and extra folic acid.

Hopefully all of these pills works for you. You must have to drink a liter of water to get them all down.

makes my piddly little 8 pills a day seem somehow underdone! can't think of anything to add to your list but I'll add my voice to the joy of yellow pee :)

I don't do the folgard, so I take the folic acid (5 pills) and b6 (1) and b12 (1) separately. I still take a prenatal too (since I have them). And fish oil sometimes and calcium, magnesium and zinc sometimes. When I was cycling I took all of those and royal jelly, CO-Q10 and wheatgrass. Loads o' fun ain't it? And I DO sympathize!

Oh and love the Alice reference - I'll have that in my head all night of course, but...

I feel your pain, Millie. And you know why, of course!

But sistah, didn't you get the memo? Said surly receptionist is gone, outta der! She's off to start (get this) her *own* acupuncture practise. I did such a nice job of telling her how great she's going to be. I figured offering encouragement might make the let down of her inevitable failure a little less painful. As if someone with her people skills could actually make it in business...

Yours in swallowing,

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