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Sunday, 30 July 2006


Are you sure we don't have the SAME in-laws? It's gotta be in the water up there...

That is what *good* parents do. My parents are the same as yours - in fact drove our new car to us (several years back) because we could find the options we wanted closer to us. And then drove our old car back & turned it in to their dealership.

My FIL couldn't give a damn about us, at least not in any positive way, and we've finally been away from him and his insanity for a year. I can't tell you what a relief not having to deal with him has been to both of us.

Enjoy the new car!

I cannot wait until you have your new car!!! Screw the in-laws!!

Ugh, WHY are they like that? My husband also has a mother who makes everything about her. It's like she can't get excited about anything in our lives, because all she can think about is how it relates to her. I am sorry you have to put up with this too.

How disappointing. It hurts when family members are so uninterested and self-absorbed; it leaves one feeling uncared for and unsupported. I'm sorry that you have to deal with that.

By the way, I love the Mini. How fun! Enjoy your new car to the fullest no matter what your in-laws say.

I'm afraid that we all know too many people like your in-laws. Your husband is lucky to have your parents in his life.

Can't wait to see the pics of the mini. I'm trying to convince me husband to get us one.


I can relate, except my dear one is even closer then in-laws... It's my MOM! I love her dearly, but EVERY conversation turns into ABOUT HER... I know she loves me and cares about me and every now and then, she does get in a "How are you"... but I can TOTALLY RELATE! On the other hand, my mother is lonely - especially since my father passed away - so I do cut her some slack...

Now back to that NEW CAR! When is the expected arrival date? Are you extending show-off rides to good friends/neighbors? Hint- Hint giggle

xo, Fran

My inlaws are like your parents and MY parents are like your husband's. Oy!

That was really sweet of your folks. With all that love, no wonder you turned out so great. Can't wait to see the new car


Ditto for me on what Emily said.

I figure it's lucky to at least have the one wonderful set of parents between the two of you. Imagine if both sets were like your husband's parents. Yeesh. Painful.

Uggg! What *wonderful* people! :-)

How did your husband turn out so great?

It is lucky for your husband that he has your parents in his life. It's lucky for both of you that his live so far away-

maybe you can trade them in on your new car! ;)

Yeah, unfortunately I have to say my mother is the one not interested in anything unless it's stuff about her or her grandchildren! Clearly I'm her most boring child.

We're in the same boat with a car - we want to get rid of our old heap and get a new one next year - we're thinking about a Peugeot 407!!!

Your parents sound absolutely lovely! I'm not sure mine would do that. In fact, my usual struggle is to get my mother to back off a bit...

My inlaws would change the subject and start raving about whatever car J's brother was currently driving. Ugh!
But it is very exciting news about the new car - I hope we get to see pictures.

Glad you have supportive parents since the Meester doesn't seem to. I dated a man that had parents like that...many years ago...and they were one of the top reasons I finally left him. (We weren't married so our commitment doesn't even compare to yours, but it was a painful breakup nonetheless). You really are lucky to have parents that care like that and that are routing on "your side". Not everyone has that. It's quite special. I'm a bit jealous. :-)

Perhaps we're related...your inlaws sound a lot like mine. As do your parents.

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