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Wednesday, 05 July 2006


I wish I could take any kind of public transportation, you lucky girl! I hear there's a meeting in the works at SR in SJ with you and J? Count me in!

OK now you lost me with the bus thing. The Boo Radleys? Not the Who as they are not from Ohio. I give up...my brain is fried.

PS the bus is v.v. good. It is normally my mode of transport too :)

three words.
books on tape.

Sounds like a fantastic improvement. I hate driving, so this would immediately improve my life.

The song, there is a destiny's child song with this title, but I'm fairly sure they're not obscure and from Ohio, so I give up.

count me in for sleep and sudoku. too bad you have to do the work thing in between.

and i don't know your reference, but i'ts making me sing

get on the bus, gus
make a new plan, stan
don't need any coy, roy
just listen to me


The bus sounds lovely,especially since you have to wake up so stinkin' early :-)

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