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Tuesday, 25 July 2006


I sent an email to your gmail account about the music posting stuff, not sure if you saw that. I too love being a contractor. I don't work on Mondays anymore. Because that's the day I have my riding lesson and I can't miss that. I once worked at a famous Silicon Valley company that got acquired by a large conglomerate in Virginia that still runs commercials for said original company name -- anyway, we also had cool stuff like free music concerts and free coffee beverages. It's nice to know those days aren't completely gone!

Ah! A fellow NPR-cutting-and-pasting-and-saving listener. Occasionally, I mix it up with a little This American Life, but it's mostly NPR. And I get to cut and paste and save from home!

Sounds totally sweet! I need a job like that. Sponsor me for my visa??

Oooh, organic blackberries. Now I have a craving for pancakes with organic blackberries. Maybe I'll make some this Saturday. But I think I'd like them better if someone else made them for me!

Your post reminds me that I should be happy I don't have to worry about office decisions here. It's nice to be out of the politics, isn't it?

Wow. I used to think the free bottled water where I worked was a huge perk.

Now I'm depressed.

Neat job!

Jealous of those pancakes! yum!

You make getting up at 4 am sound fun - almost! :-)

Wow you make your job sounds pretty cushy ... except for that 4am start stuff.
You must love your weekend sleep ins.

When I was there I thought it was bizarre that we'd all IM each other...even if the person was right across the aisle from you. It was as if were afraid to break the semi silence...all you could hear was the ticks of everyone's keyboards.

The pancakes sound scrumptious. Yes, I'm jealous. One day, go downstairs and have a double decaf vanilla soy latte for me one day.

Not too shabby. Sounds kinda like my job, but without the pancakes.

sounds like you've got your work life sorted. Rather you than me on the 4am thing, though.

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