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Tuesday, 18 July 2006


See what kind of anti-theft system is in the Mini and then ask about roll protection...and go convertible! Also get a phat sound system...used to rock out a bit myself when I was young and had my Mustang. Ahhhh the good old days.

And you are soooo right about the town of which you speak. We had tickets to Mute Math but they cancelled! So disappointing. Said town is a real music mecca, just not many non-locals seem to know that. Maybe its best to keep it our secret. ;o)

Aaah, Bob Mould! The memories. Mr P is his doppelganger.

Go soft top!!!! Get your headscarf on.

And I went to high school and college in Athens, GA, so I know exactly what you mean. Damn right REM played frat parties. ;-)

Get A Convertible -- amazing fun. Trust Me.

eek..... I can't tell you the number of times I saw REM play at frat parties!!! My DH refuses to believe that.... I will show him your post! I never made it much past Athens, and I mostly saw REM play at Auburn (not an AU fan..... I prefer the better school on the otherside of the state...)but my best friend's entire family graduated from AU.... so we were there for alot of parties.... ahhh, the old old mosh-pit alternative music days indeed!

I agree.... soft top is the only way to go!

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