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Wednesday, 28 June 2006


You know, I love that show too, but the smallest, pickiest thing gets me every time I watch it. House uses his cane on the same side as the injured leg. However, my PT and others I have seen say to use the cane on the opposite side of the injury so that it "becomes" the leg. If I used the cane on the same side, as House does, I'd fall down for sure. I don't know if this varies at all per injury, but it bugs me all the same.

I know, I know.... I'm trying to get a life. I'm TRYING!

I'm with you - he's my hero! He's mean and perfect. Plus I think he's sexy. Maybe it's just the crabbiness that turns me on.


Nah, stick with Vic!!!

Oh, yes, House rocks my world. I couldn't picture it initially--kept thinking of him as Bertie Wooster, all "hip, hip" and "cheerio!" but he makes one mean, hilarious, badass doc.



I love love love house, he's so sarky it wonderful :)

Me too, I love him. Luckily my husband does too (in a manly way of course) so I can watch it as much as we like. They do get the science really badly wrong sometimes - I think Akeeyu posted about the episode about the woman who was sabotaging her fertility treatment?

My husband has stopped trying to get the remote back. One good screech when he unthinkingly changed the channel stopped that.

"Hello, my name is Linda and I'm addicted to House (too)." He's awesome.

Too bad he's not a real life RE who can solve every IF mystery?? ;-)

I don't know why all you other women are talking about House. He's mine! All mine! Hands off!!!

hmmm...also a House lover. He does such a good line in snark.

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