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Tuesday, 13 June 2006


It doesn't seem to end does it, aggravations tend to go on and on. You had to wake up at 3.45?? I don't think I'd bother going to bed at all and leave to regret it! You poor woman. I hope you feel better soon and can properly get your breath back.

3:45??????? I can't even fathom that. Is that your new wake up time for this job?

Sorry about your car. That totally sucks to have it die on you that way. I hope that the serious talks about a new car came before the big poop out.

Awful about your back. I hope that the combination of drugs and yoga help you feel better.

Hoping for a happier day all around today!


Geez. You do realize that the land of purple furniture is equipped so that you won't ever have to leave? Just put a futon in your cube ....use the showers in the gym....use the laundry service....free lattes....the only thing they're missing is the free meals, masseuses, and in-house doctors that the "other" folks have at the fine establishment in the town next door (I won't utter their name).

But seriously. Be careful. This place has a serious tendancy to work people to death.

I know you're enjoying it now, it is so fun in the beginning, but it's so easy to slip into a way of being where those 13 hour days are totally normal. And then a 16 hour day becomes a late day, or "overtime". KWIM?

Take care of yourself and those sore abs. Oohh.....have a freebie double decaf vanilla soy latte for me? I miss those. :-)

3:45 AM ??!?!?!?!?

Is this the "normal" time you must get up for your new job? Wow, I really admire you for actually being able to do that! I am the opposite of any semblance to a morning person -- in fact, I am more apt to stay up late, and just GO TO BED at 3:45 AM. ;)

I also admire you for having the strength to tackle your new job after going through everything you have recently. I know I couldn't have done that after my miscarriage.

I am definitely jealous of your free lattes though! ;)

Take care of yourself ,


3:45 am?! Wow! Is that your *regular* schedule? Or is that how you avoid traffic on the freeway? Yikes!!!
I thought that only morning TV people woke up that early! Take care of yourself!

I'm telling you, that free coffee thing is a conspiracy. It's how they rope you in.

Sorry about the car. There's nothing worse. Well, that's not true, but you know what I mean.

Wild horses couldn't drag me out of bed for work at 3.45am! You're doing pretty well to do that. It must be so quiet driving to work and how many people are in?

Take care of that back - long-term lower-back-pain sufferer talking .. I also go to chiro - love it and I think that keeps it in check, but when I really hurt it - it was physio that got me back (!).

let me echo the WTH comments from everyone else. 345? Insane.

My back's been hurting since I stopped exercising so much back in the autumn with IVF#1. I'm being crap at doing anything about it. *sigh* got to start looking after myself a bit better.

3:45 am is NOT morning; it's the middle of the night.
Good thing they offer free coffee.

not to be redundant, but 3:45 am?????

though as i think about it - your on west coast time, so that's 12:45 am - so i guess you just pretend you are working graveyard?


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