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Tuesday, 06 June 2006


I'm utterly crushed by all of these losses - your's, their's I wish I could put my heart on a shelf in a little jar at times like this to keep it from breaking.

I hope you're healing - much love.

Mr S. and I are hooked on Deadwood as well! We've finished the second series and now I want to go back to the first and watch it all again! It has to be one of the best 'swearing' scripts ever written. We do the same thing - but try and say that word with Mr. Woo's accent.

All the losses are hideous.

Is it me, or is the good to bad luck ratio totally unbalanced lately?

I just don't get it. It's so unbelievably un-fucking-fair.

c***sucking BS that's what it is. too much sad, miserable news, I agree.

Thank you, my friend, for your swearwords and kind thoughts.

I have to confess that when we watch Deadwood, we have to put on subtitles as the dialogue, other than the swearing, is totally incomprehensible. Apart from that, it certainly helps us mount a defence and guard against the hoopleheads of this world.

Thanks for letting us (me) know about these brave women. My heart aches for them.

Why not add the F word? I think it's called for today.

What's going on in the blogosphere? It's just one bad thing after another lately...

It's embarressing how long it took me to figure out what the "c***" in c*** sucker was. It's no wonder I suck at cross words.

We don't get HBO but I might have to go buy last season on DVD, the commercials are so intruiging. I agree with Statia, the balance is totally off, maybe now that 6-6-06 has passed we can catch a break.

Thanks for doing this, sweetie. It's just horrible, all this bad news and I TOTALLY know what you mean about your's and Pamplemousse's losses being particularly cruel. It's just bollocks, the lot of it. (that's my favourite swear word)

Honey, I scream it all the time. In public too ;)

Phew I'm glad I'm not the only one that's been letting c*** sucker fly as well as bs and a number of other good swear words. I'm with the other posters the balance is off and boy does it suck...

Wow, lots of bad news out there. That's never good to hear.

My mister has also been watching Deadwood (I watched a bit too), and just told me how much he loves Al.

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