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Sunday, 18 June 2006


I've read adopting after infertility, i didnt find it that useful and never finished it, its on my bedside table, waiting :)

I think it's great how you always seem to know that there are resources around you that you can dive into to find healing, whether it's a book, restorative yoga, walking the dogs, taking a new job.

I'm closing my eyes and am mentally sending you a very big hug - I hope you can feel it.

PS some where at your new place is a kindred spirit - I've been getting hits from there for like 6 months to a year.

Hey Millie - I'm happy to see that you're doing positive things to make yourself feel productive and on the right path.
Thinking of you always and hoping that you will have your success around the next bend.


Glad to hear that you HAVE time to read, given your heinous work schedule. Haven't read either one, but feel like I could have written "Adopting After Infertility". Will periodically ask you how books are going. OK, no I won't b/c you need no more pressure in your life.

"Sweet Grapes," is on the reading list at my RE's office. Would love your review of it, as I haven't gotten to that one yet.

With everything we've been through, it's good to be reminded just how many blessings we have in our lives. Let me know what you think of the book.

I recently read Sweet Grapes and while the antiquated discussion of ART techniques will make you laugh, I found the book really helpful. Don't know if it was just the right book at the right time, but since I read it, I have been able to let kids back in my life.

I have lots of kids who call me Aunt Z, and I'm really a darned good aunt with the exception of the last year. Even was able to hold my six-week-old grandnephew with nary a tear.

The book does at times paint too rosy a picture of the childfree life, but overall a surprisingly good read.

Hope it brings you some comfort as well.

Hmm, haven't read either. Perhaps I should. I'm pretty sour grapes at the moment.

Isn't it great that people have written books like this, though? Even if they're old and stuff, just having a resource for things like this is nice.

I may be asking to borrow those if our FET doesn't work (and if I can't talk J into subsequent IVFs).

Hey Millie, this is me your long lost pal. If you get a chance, please call and leave me your number. Cell phone blues (again). Three cell phones in a week! A story there!

Anywoo, I did read the Sweet Grapes book. However, I read it while I was mad and not really willing to accept all of the key messages in the book - in particular the ones around living childfree... But the basic premise of getting my life back, I like.

I also applaud the strength of the authors in being able to force ahead in reclaiming their own lifes... Depending upon how things go for me in the next few months, I may be re-reading that book with a heightened sensitivity and willingness to accept.

Kiss the Mister for me please.

xox, Fran

How are the books?

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