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Sunday, 07 May 2006


Ohhh Millie, sometimes all the news out there just sucks. And you know what, if you want to be bitter, go right ahead. Revel in it if it helps a little.

I hope your Monday brings a resolution after the bloodwork.

Sending you good thoughts from downunderland.


Yes, it's over. I hope this week is better than last.

Well really, how could it be worse?

Don't answer that.

Shhh. Be quiet.

All of you.

Are you kidding me? All that news in one weekend, and this weekend at that? I'm hoping this week is much, much better.

I'm so hoping things get better for you soon, Millie. So much suckage at once is too much for anyone to bear. Thinking of you.

Oh, jeez. I hope today at least you get some better news. And can I just say, "yuck!" about the doctor's last week? Yuck.

Just catching up with you and I hope that all the good news from now on is about you, my friend.

That really sucks. Big time. It's bad enough to have to go through all that you've been through and are going through, and then to get other people's happiness rubbed in your face - well, bitter is ok. You mean no malice to anyone, and you're allowed to be upset and unhappy about others' news at this time.

I just hope that things start to move in the right direction for you.

I'm so sorry that your plan did not work out. I'm hopeful that there is a plan B.

Thinking of you.

Ugh, how horrible. It's ridiculously unfair that you have to have all that piled on top of the crap you're already going through. Hope today's bloodwork brings good news, for a change (well, not good, you know what I mean--moving in the right direction, toward finally resolving this).

Oh Millie, what a shitstorm of a week. I'm so hoping that things begin to brighten and that bigger and better plans begin to form soon.

How could you not be bitter? I think I'd be feeling homicidal after such an assault of "good news". Hope things look up for you soon.

It's days and weeks like that that makes us infertiles want to stay indoors. I'm so sorry you have been bombarded. Hope this week is a hell of a lot better, starting with today's bloodwork.

I feel your pain, it feels like sometimes you just can't escape all the news. Make some boiled cookies, pour a glass of milk, and dig in.

uch, it really does not end, huh? hoping all of today's bloodwork goes well and you can move on (not that you can move on, but you know).

Ugh, I'm so sorry, that sounds absolutely awful. I'm so sorry that plan fell through. It sounded very exciting. Thinking of you.

What a truly fucked up weekend. I'm so sorry you had to endure it...

I'm thinking of you today and hoping the numbers are where they should be.


I am in awe of your willingness to stay in the fight, disregarding all of the news and problems and downright crappiness that's been thrown at you.

What a sucky week. I hope it comes to an end soon.

What a horrendous weekend! I'm sorry. I hope things will change soon and you start getting some good news.

oooh. that's really unfair. i think you have quite enough to deal with.
just read your newest post- glad the beta is going down. I remember you posting earlier about the boss lady. sounds like she has had her share of heartache too. somedays it does feel like the world is particularly cruel.

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