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Monday, 01 May 2006


The Washington, DC area has a similar carpool system called "slug-lines." Like you have, there's designated pickup points and lots of rules about radios and talking and cell phone use. There's a website to help people coordinate rides and for lost-and-found.

My favorite rule is that if two people are at a slug-stop (one man, one woman), even if he got there first, she gets first dibs on the next slug. They don't want women standing alone in the dark, waiting for a ride. The feminist in me balks at this, but given the crime rate in DC, it's probably a good idea.

I really feel that was faced with an ectopic, it should be at least an 'easy' ectopic. Not that that's worth a lot, but I wish you some quality down time.

still mad that nothing gets to be easy for you.

casual carpool sounds cool. there are carpool things around here, but i don't know much about them since no one really has a car *in* the city. but when we had that transit strike a few months ago, strangers were just meeting and carpooling and it was pretty cool.

Dear Millie, I'm keeping everything crossed that the ectopic responds to the methotrexate very very soon. I wish this could be easier for you. Heck, I wish everything were utterly different for you right now.

I'm so glad you're getting good care and hope the ectopic is resolved soon. It just sucks that you have to go through this process on top of everything else.

I am so sorry that you just can't catch a break. Who do I have to kick? Cuz I will. How I wish that this could just be over and done with or you. It really sucks.

Huge hugs,

Vanilla/lemon cupcakes sound like a cure all for all stress related disorders. Maybe you will post your recipe for us one day? :-))

So sorry about all of this. I'm glad that you are hanging in there despite everything.

They have the riding thing in DC too. I can't remember the name--scabs? Something unpleasant. Apparently it works very well. I never did it because with my luck I'd pick up a freak. Or two.

I'll be thinking of you.

Cupcakes sound lovely, by the way.

I just read the first comment: Slugs. See, I knew it was something unpleasant.

I hope that you saved some of the cupcakes for yourself. You deserve some sweetness. I'm so sorry that this is such an awful scenario and on top of that you have to deal with it dragging out like this. My heart is with you.

Love to you and the mister. Very glad you had the chance to hang with Liana.

Cupcakes rule. When I am down and out, I cook and bake up a storm. I hope things smooth out for you soon. When is the next round of tests?

I wish this could be easier for you.

The nurses and staff in your clinic are being so good to you. It does my heart in.

I am sorry that this situation is continuing to drag on and cause you such pain. Even in the midst of all that, you are still thinking of how to be a good citizen. I heart you, sweetie. Be good to you and the mister.

sending you lots of love


So sorry things are not going smoothly. Been thinking of you lots and lots.

I hope it works, Millie, but if it doesn't I urge you to get the surgery and just get the tube(s) removed as soon as possible.

You know where I am coming from when I say this, but for your other readers it is because I experienced a horrific ectopic rupture after an unsuccessful dose of

I also decided to later have both tubes removed because the chances of another ectopic once you've had 2 are >50%. The theory was my tubes were screwed and that I might increase my IVF cycle success if I just got rid of them: http://holdingpattern.typepad.com/in_a_holding_pattern/2005/04/cordoning_off_m.html

Why is nothing straightforward here? I'm sorry it's dragging on. Hoping that this dose does it.

I hope the drugs start to work Millie. I am so glad to know the staff is taking good care of you. It makes a huge difference to know that they actually care.

I so hope this next dose does the trick. Thinking of you.

just thinking of you today. and hoping your hcg begins to plummet soon.

ok - off to read HoldingPattern's links.


I'm thinking of you, dear Millie...


Thinking of you and hoping all is well.

Oh no, oh no. Bloglines wasn't showing the new posts on your blog for some reason so I've missed it for a while - I'm so sorry about everything that's happened. It just sucks.

I hope the drugs do their thing soon. This just sounds awful. I'm really sorry.

Thinking of you....

wow- i love the idea of a casual carpool. I was thinking of how great that would be now, with the way gas prices are! And I love that listening to NPR is part of the "rules."

Hang in there, dear Millie! Sending you a hug from the southeast,

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