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Thursday, 11 May 2006


I'm glad you're taking good care of yourself, little treats go a long way. You deserve every single break you can find for yourself.

Yay for taking some time to take care of yourself and include some indulgences. Having a good Support Staff is the important weapon in our arsenal, I'm glad your's is well stocked.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's loss. It seems like there is so much sadness heaped on sadness lately. I wish both you and your friend success soon.
And I'm totally going to that ice cream place next time I head over the bridge...

Lavender ice cream sounds incredible! I had to say that first because everything else faded away when I read that - I feel like Homer Simpson, drooling and partially comatose at the thought...we don't have places like that in my nowhere neck of the woods. Do they deliver across country? I'd order some if they're willing to pack in dry ice!!!

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'm so sorry about your friend's awful experience, and I'm just hopeful that the Millie camp starts experiencing some positives. Hopefully your other friend's optimism and those fortune cookies are signs of the tide turning. I pray that good things start happening for you and yours. And the trip south sounds like a good begining.

Thinking of you.

I'm so sorry that your friend has suffered a loss. I'll never understand why the shit always happens. *sigh*

One of things about this road that bothers me the most is that, for some of us, having a baby always seems to be just outside our grasp. We get so close, let our guard down a little, and then....nothing. It seems to me there should be a maximum amount of suffering any couple should have to go through in this journey.

Glad you and the mister are taking care of yourselves. You so deserve it.

Mmmm...lavender ice-cream. Forbidden yet so tempting. Enjoy your trip and the CDs. I am particularly fond of Belle and Sebastian too.


Sending you good traveling vibes- I hope your stay down here is lovely- looks like the weather is going to be good.

Lavender ice cream does sound heavenly. I've had lavender sorbet, but not ice cream.

I am so sorry for your friend's loss. I still haven't figured out why this whole process is so unfair to some who seem to be the most deserving. It defies logic and description.

Glad you were able to have that lunch though, and some girlie maintenance time.

Forgot to write my name!

Millie, thank you for writing us some positive thoughts, even in the midst of very difficult situations for both you and your friend. I'm only sorry that I'm so far away from that ice cream store!

Let us know what you think of your new music, I really like the new belle and sebastian.

I had lavender ice-cream once..reminded me of soap. Perhaps the Sketch version is better. A road trip and beach time sounds like a wonderful idea and a much needed break.

thanks for visiting my blog, Millie! I found yours through Tertia, and have been checking on you for a few months now.

wow- I have never even fathomed lavender ice cream! How neat!

What beaches do you like down south? We used to live in Huntington bch for a few years, before returning back east ;-) Hope you had a good time!

You are an incredible optimist. I can see it. the wounds are still hurting and it is ok to feel the way you feel about pregnant women. Enjoy your trip and the lavender ice cream. Yummy!

First, Im so sorry for your friend. Second - enjoy your trip - man, I haven't heard of one of those artists.

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