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Saturday, 06 May 2006


Delurking to say how inspiring it is to see that you continue to follow your dream. I love your blog and am wishing the best for you, whatever your plan is.

Awww geez,
I wish with all my heart that this was easier for you. I am sorry you had to lead a session at RE boot camp. Hoping you are quickly catching a break and your plan works out beautifully.

Ugh - training the newbies is just a pain. Sorry you had to deal with that on top of everything else.
As for the tubes - when the RE diagnosed me with hydrosalpinx I had a lap in January to check it out and clip my tubes if need be. I was on the pill at the time and it would've been okay for me to start cycling right away at the end of the pill pack. It ended up not being necessary though. If it is what you do, I hope it doesn't cause any further delays.

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that at the RE's office. After my second miscarriage I had an appointment to go over what went wrong. It was with Maternal-Fetal medicine, and the waiting room was packed with hugely pregnant women. Pregnant women came and left, including a number who came in after me. Finally, after an hour and a half I just walked out. I don't have your patience.

What a fucking moron Dr Perky was. You'd think that after med school and a fellowship in RE they would be smart enough to be a bit more circumspect when they walk into a patient's room where they know that the patient has gone through such tragedy. I was going to offer to rip her face off, but Paul told me that I should probably dial it back a bit. Um, why??

In any event I'm sorry you had to deal with such stupidity. But I am so grateful to hear that it looks like there is no sign of rupture and that the 2nd dose may work.

I'm praying for your plan. And I'm thinking about you.

Love and hugs

No, I'm not a big fan of giving up over here either.

And for the record, I wouldn't call you pasty. Although your bright complexion when I saw you may have merely been excitement from meeting me, of course. It's been known to happen. Sure.

Take care.

You gave her the bitch slapping she deserved. Please do not ever feeling guilty about calling her on her completely and total lack of sensitivity. And didn't I hear all this talk about how the wonderful training residents and fellows are getting on connecting with their patients and sensitivity and whatnot? WTF!?

You keep on keepin' gfren'... good things are coming for you, I am sure.

And yes, your complexion is a beautiful porcelain... it was one of the things I noticed when I met you... :)

Glad to hear things are moving in the right direction and THRILLED to hear you have a plan! It makes all the difference to be able to focus on the NEXT thing, especially when you're going through such a difficult experience. I continue to cheer for you......something good is around the corner.....I just KNOW it!!!

I am so glad that things seem to be resolving. Hang in there. Give me a call if you want to talk.

Don't just get those tubes tied off. Get them taken OUT.

If they are just tied off or if there is a stump or two still attached to the uterus, there is still a chance of an ectopic.

After a January 2005 ectopic, I had my tubes taken out in mid-March 2005, and was cleared to start cycling in early June 2006.
If it is not done for an imminent emergency, it is a very easy operation - outpatient, lap, go home the same day.

It is always extraordinary to me how completely crap some of the doctors are. It's like they have special insensitivity training or something. Well done you for not ripping her a new one.

Looking forward to hearing about the new plan.

I hate clueless physicians. I'll bet she hadn't even looked at your chart. I really hope this comes to a resolution soon. You've dealt with too too much crap these past few weeks.

you'll forever be "that" woman to her but your right i doubt she'll ever make the same mistake again I'm just sorry you got her today.

I had my tubes out in feb at the end of that cycle of pills I started my fresh, there's no waiting involved and recovery was a day laying around making the most of DH's attention.

What is it with Doctors and charts now days? I'm sorry you have to have a second round of the evil Methotrexate. I do hope that you are able to get some rest. If they tie the tubes through a lab or remove them, the recovery is fairly easy (couple of days) and you should be able to cycle with your next period (of course after waiting 3 months for the Meth. to be gone), with my last ectopic I had my last tube taken out via laparoscopy, the recovery was short and sweet and the drugs were divine. I’m so sorry once again.

You and I are so freaking similar. Tragedy strikes and we feel sad, but the most important thing is for us to plan out the next steps. The thing we hate most is the waiting. Waiting sucks.

Mason and I just started our adoption agency paperwork. We're going to approach this from a two directions. Hopefully this time next year, we will at least have one child that we can call our own.

Love you!

'Is something wrong?' File that under 'The Dumbest Things Ever Said' heading.

I HATE seeing doctors who don't know my situation. They always say something lame. Good for you putting idiot doctors in their place!
My tubes came out and I cycled about a month and 1/2 later so it shouldn't delay you at all if that is the way you go.
Take care of yourself and many thanks for having lunch with me!:)

I am so sorry that your "fellows" didn't have the brains to be more sensitive to your situation. 2cm sound really big to me - verging on scary-sized. I hope that this gets resolved quickly so that you can move on with your plans. ((hugs))

Good for you for putting that obnoxious female fellow in her place! What a dipshit.

I hope this dose does what it's supposed to already.

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