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Saturday, 27 May 2006


Oh boy, do I relate. Four years ago I used to assume everything would work out for the best, because it always had. Now I see danger and distress around every corner. I hope you get a string of good news soon that restores some equilibrium.

Sigh ... I really miss getupgrrl!

Story of my life as well. Having a baby was the only thing that didn't come easily to me (or at all). I walk around thinking I look normal from the outside but feeling crazy on the inside. We are part of a club. We ought to get together more often. Congrats on the new job! Can't wait to hear all about it. I didn't even know you could yodel.

Now you have me all confused about yodelling. Will you be working in Switzerland?? Please enlighten me.

I was just talking about this exact topic today with my friend about how IF colours everything black in my world. I perpetually feel like I am Chicken Little and I feel that the sky will always fall.

I miss Grrl too and I still smile about her meditating nemesis.

Better shine your shoes for Tuesday haha.

It's terrible the toll infertility takes on us. Godd luck with your new job.

Ah, I'd forgotten that post until you reminded me. Our world is not the same without Grrl. She stil hovers somewhere, I think, I remember her posting on persephone's site when persephone had a bleeding incident early in her pregnancy. I wonder how Grrl is doing?

Your new job sounds like it will be the souce of much entertainment. Will go and Yodel! now.

maybe once you get a paycheck you may believe the yodel!'s are real? (did i ! that properly?!?!?!)

sorry to dissapoint you, but the negative thoughts do not end at conception. my whole pregnancy was filled with them. i'd go down to the charles to try to clear my head, and i end up sitting on a park bench filling my head with awful things. and i'd start screaming at the top of my lungs "stop it stop it stop it no more negative thoughts" the only good to come out of it was that nobody would ever sit next to me on those park benches. . .


~daisy mae

Yeah, I have the same problem. And then I still don't believe things even when they do happen. I got a raise last September and I *still* am waiting for someone to call me up from Benefits and say, "...yeah, sorry - that wasn't supposed to happen. And now you owe us the difference. And you're infertile, Jill. With a bad haircut."

Yeah I feel like I'm the queen of the worst case scenario.

Hope you enjoy your new job.

WOOHOO! ;-) A new job.... sounds like fun! I hope you enjoy it!

I find you to be an incredible optimist. This is just a bad patch. You will come back with such strength! Good luck on your new job!

Hope things went well today - and that you got your purple lanyard.

Oh, I relate so much I have a tear in my eye reading this. I miss decisiveness and certainty. I wonder if I will ever know them again.

On the other hand, I will assume (hey, I guess I still have the ability for other people) that Yodeling! Inc. is going to be a good gig for you and your day was filled with a purple lanyard and new network passwords and orientation binders.

Wow. I can SO relate to everything you wrote. After my infertility, late pregnancy loss, and now with Lily's health problems, this just resonates so deeply with me.


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