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Thursday, 18 May 2006


I fervently wish you the same lovely surprise that I had. That would be so great and so well-deserved.

Susan is good for the sense thing. :o)

I remember when I was told I was miscarrying (Dr. Nice thinks that it was probably ectopic as well) those beta number couldn't go down fast enough. Funny how that happens.

Here's to you moving in a new direction.

I had to read the insurance blurb twice, and I am still scratching my head. It truly doesn't make sense.

I'm also sending a toast to you moving in a new direction, whichever way you choose to go.

That's quite some research you are doing there. You are very noble to keep on pushing the insurance company in this way. That's some convoluted rules they've put together.

Glad that you're planning. Hoping that some of the other plans are easier to make work.

Nonsensical folks like that make me insane with rage. I just can't handle totally whacked thinking like that.

Add me to the list of the hopelessly lost when it comes to your insurance coverage! Good luck, M!

Planning is good, M. Have a lovely weekend with the mister.

I wish you the very best. All I can say from my research is that for women who ONLY have high FSH and nothing more, most of them have gotten pregnant ON THEIR OWN. I have found out through many forums I read, from many countries so they are different women, different approaches to therapy and some have gone through IVF and given up ART because of finances, but never gave up trying. I don't know what your FSH is, my highest was 15.9 which doctors say is "the gray area" meaning that I am reaching perimenopause, but with treatment they might have helped me, not, it was all natural. Of all the women I have met with the same diagnose, they have gotten pregnant naturally even with higher FSH. I want to give you hope. Keep trying!

I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry about your betas not rising. But I also wanted to tell you that so little is know about high FSH. After my m/c, I found out I had High FSH and guess what? I got pregnant a month after that and am now the proud mother of a darling baby girl. So, drs don't know everything. (My one and only FSH test was 12.4 and I was turned down for IVF at NYU)

Good luck to you.

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