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Wednesday, 17 May 2006


Oh, I hate it when things couldn't be more unclear. Gah. Good luck!

What a pack of morons!

Maybe the donor thing involving you means that they won't cover the donor's costs (since you would be paying for that) - but will cover the drugs, hospital costs etc. for you?

Can't see why FET with a donor cycle would be treated any different to any other.

Hope Granny Nurse gets her act together!

i honestly can's BELIEVE that the 2 universities are not on the list.... especially given the proximity of EARS to my university. what the heck? why are they so retarded? the mister could always come to lucas. there you get 5k cash to take anywhere. the program isn't even run through insurance.

Wow- that does sound confusing. I can just imagine "Nurse Grandma." she probably doesn't even know what ICSI means ;-)

Insurance companies are EVIL. As are medical facilities that can't tell you how much something will cost. I hate that.

Jeez. What a pain in the ass. Stupid insurance companies.

Maybe, if you need donor ovum it is covered, but if you are doing a donor cycle(ie you are the donor) it isnt?


Millie, I work for one of these #(*&(#&*$ companies (and I'll refrain from posting anymore for self preservation). I think based upon what you said that it might be my company. Email me at [email protected] with the name of the ins company and your phone number (if you want) - if it is mine, I can do some internal investigation for you.

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