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Wednesday, 24 May 2006


I absolutely agree with your thinking! Probably frozen from the same cycle as Dashiell.

ditto....but again, why do I care? It's certainly none of my business, but I just can't help myself.

Oooo, I love the name Dashiell! That was on our short list for boys, but without the second L. Sorry if that was all baby-dusty...hey, if she wants to go through another pregnancy at 48, more power to her.

Oh yes, it's screaming donor egg or embryo. I am personally glad to see women pushing the age barrier back.

I was adopted by my mom when she was 48...and there was a stigma to having an older mom when I was growing up. I was embarrassed of her age and old-fashionedness. I was jealous of friends whose parents were young, hip, and "understanding". I would like to see this sort of crap disappear for children with older parents.

You had the exact same thought as I did!! More power to her, I say.

I agree. More power to her.

she rocks! she gives me hope that IVF will work for an old duck like me. I don't care a fig if she's using donor egg/embryo or her own, it's her age and women like her, that gives me the courage to keep trying.

having said that I'm still envious as all hell.


I don't know if you saw this list, but it is a list full of hope: These are the over 40 y/o women who have been able to get pregnant and who all have various degrees of high FSH. You may have seen it already, but I wanted to give you hope:


I am thinking of you!

Hi..I just want to piggy back on Linda's remarks. My parents were very young when they had me - 20 and 21. Believe you me...my parents may have been young, but they were definitely not "hip, and understanding" I plan on being much more involved and active with my children than they ever were with me.

I'll take Helen on my team any day! How great for her.

Good for her!

Yes- I saw it yesterday, and immediately thought DE! She does look so happy. I guess it gives me some hope. Good for her.

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