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Monday, 08 May 2006


Millie, I'm so glad that at least your numbers are going the right way.

I wish I had anything else to say. I'm just hoping that this goes as smoothly at this point as possible.

Thinking of you.

I love hearing about a cleared liver - and the beta #is good too!

Gee, Millie, I can't believe all the crap you've gone through in the past month. I'm glad your liver's clear (I've been big on vino verde from Portugal lately, if you need a slightly bubbly confection...). But I'm really fucking sorry about all this lousy news. Whatever the email cancellation was for, I hope the opportunity arises again soon. Wishing you all good things...

Hooray for good news (and a functioning liver... you certainly deserve a giant drink)!

Finally some good news in the midst of such awful CRAP you've been dealing with. I'm hoping this is the start of an upswing.....you're in my thoughts......

Thank goodness for falling numbers. Ambien is a lifesaver. I'm so sorry about Boss Lady, that is terrible. Have a good trip

Well, the numbers are doing what they are supposed to do, finally. It's a very sad story about your boss lady, though, I am so sorry.

Yay for lowering beta levels, and double YAY for a healthy liver that can handle some much-needed imbibing!

Glad things are going in a better direction... hopefully this means you can join us on the 4th... check your Yahoo email!

It does not seem that long since we were cheering for rising beta numbers and now we are on the other side of the hill, rooting for lower numbers. Got to laugh or you would cry.

I'm so glad your beta's going down. Phew.

My heart just breaks thinking about you worrying about taking ambien and your ectopic. It just isn't fair.

Great news about the Betas Millie. Hang in there!

I'm so glad you don't need the surgery. I think you should wash down that ambien with a beer.

Finally the numbers are down and you can get some sleep! I do hope the both of you can drow your sorrow. Or at least get some relief for a while. This so sucks!

Glad your numbers are finally going down. I would have a nice stiff drink with that ambien.

so glad the numbers are down and you're free to do some fun things again! i'm so sad that you were afraid to take the ambien...crushes me.

The change of our climate is, is not natural

I can't be bothered with anything recently. I haven't been up to anything. I don't care. I haven't gotten much done lately. Not that it matters.

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