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Monday, 10 April 2006


42 is a lovely number :) and I know exactly where that comes from. I'm crossing my fingers for you but got to tell you I've got a more than hopeful smile on my face as I wait with you with you reporting nice positive HPTs.

Waiting and hopeful for good news.


Hanging onto that maybe, Millie, and sending you all my hopes.

Can I be excited? Just a little OMG-ing? Ok, I'll stop. I'm cool. I'm breezy.

You and the mister = nerd love at its finest (and considering my taste in men, you know that's a compliment!!).

I will continue obsessively stalking this blog. Update soon! (I'm on hold with the PTO - you're really distracting me! ;))

Dear Millie's RE

Please move your arse with Millie's beta as many of her invisible friends in the computer are dying to get super excited for her.


I'm pulling for you.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Anoufxx

we should make you fly east for your betas. this way i could get your results sooner. oh - and you would too!

i'm still holding on to my late bloomer theory.


~daisy mae

Oh Millie, I hope so. Very quietly, I hope so.

Ahhh 42, the meaning of life.
Maybe, just maybe, your new PJs have done the trick.
Will be checking again later for an update.

Crossing everything that Blasty is safe and sound, and where he/she should be.

So hoping that the math geek can continue to use his skills.

Crossing everything for you.

Have everything crossed for you Millie, gotta go to work and will resume my stalking as soon as I get home

Oh so glad there's a maybe now.

Maybe your uterus was just a little jet lagged on that first test.

Pulling for you over here too . . .

You got 2 positives? That's enough for me to get excited for you:)

I'll be impatiently checking back frequently!

i gotta say... if it weren't for lazy embryos... i'd be SOL! slow and steady wins the race, right? go freakin betas!

don't forget to put those positives in a ziploc in and have them on your body at all times ala amy! remember when i had them in oakland with the faintist of lines? well i still have that baggie in the bathroom closet with something like 20 positives tests from malin.

2 positives is GREAT! I'm crossing fingers and toes for a nice number :)

Oh gosh. Positive HPTs can't be bad, right? I'm hoping, hoping, hoping for you.

Ok, I'm not going to jump up and down and yell just yet. Will keep checking back to see....



Oh, oh, oh. I am so cautiously excited for you. Nerd love is the greatest, isn't it?

I am so glad that Liana backed up my theory after Tertia pooh-poohed it. I am sending you all my best hopeful love.

I'm hoping so hard for you. Hang in there.

You know I've got it ALL crossed for you! Waiting on pins and needles for a number.....


Damn west coast time.

I hope this works! West coast time definitely sucks.

Am madly refreshing...


oh goodness... supremely wonderful... I am hoping and hoping over here... considering all the local IF news, it would seem you're up for some succes, non? I sure as shit hope so... hang in there.

Oh Millie, I'm really hoping this is it for you. :) Best of luck.

Apparently STAT means something totally different to your clinic than it does to me. I'm dying over here. Aggh! Call soon.

What Emily said...


Damn time differences.

Hang in there.

YES!!!!!!!!!! I'll take it. I know we're not out of the woods, but this GREAT.

Hang in there little one, hang tough and let's here it for a nice beta on Monday.


Now that, my dear, is a lovely number.

And now I must ditto Emily again -- hang in there little one.

Much love to you and the mister!


OMG OMG OMG - I've been refreshing obsessively, and just saw your update!!! Ok, cautious optimism is the thought, but this is a really, really good sign!!!!! I had a good feeling about that embie being a winner - keep growing!!!!!!


I've been reloading like crazy! I'm so happy to hear that your little turtle is getting into the race.

Fabulous news!! This one is going to make it!!

Oh boy. This IS good news!!! I wish we could fast-forward to Thursday so that you didn't have to deal with the waiting.
Wishing you more doubling to come...

Oh! I just checked the update. doubleplusgood!
Will you be okay till thursday? Seems a long way off.

I'm so happy for you! Your embie started off slow, but he's doing really well now.

Wouldn't that be a nice easter present?

42 is admittedly a very cool number, but 67 blows it out of the water! I know there's still more betas needed before it all truly sinks in, but so far it all sounds wonderful, and I couldn't be happier or more excited for you!

You didn't have to test the test apart or anything? Good golly, Miss Millie, this sounds like the best news I've heard all day. Mmmmmmm, math geek from TV. *drool*

oh 67!

Deep deep sigh.

Oh yeah! oh yeah! backflips! cartswheels... okay, that's right, you're not out of the woods... but this is great. I knew the sun was shining for a reason today!


Fantastic!!! That is absolutely superb news! Hang in there.

Yes!!! Mighty nice numbers you've got there!

[whispering] I didn't want to say anything earlier, but 15 can be a most wonderful starting point; my first beta with this pg was 15 and #2 was 48... now 23 weeks and counting. [/end whisper]

Remember: NBHHY. And I'm rooting for you!

That warrants an OMG!!!! I know, you're not out of the woods yet, but it's so very nice to read that number!

I like 67! Sixty-seven is good! :-) Still keeping everything crossed for you!

Very good number, good doubling time!!


OMG! That's an awesome turn around! Ecstatic for you both...keep up the good work...

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