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Monday, 10 April 2006


Hold on... It's hard to type as I do my patented cautiously optimistic happy dance. May that lovely number continue to double like crazy.

OMG---being cautiously optimistic but ROOTING for you! I dare say this is good news....this really put a smile on my face....
xxoo Amy

Wowee zowie! Great news! NBHHY, NBHHY...

oh my god! (ok, I am limiting myself to a lone exclamation point.)

Crossing all crossables.

omf (oh my fuck)

dare we hope? dare we?

oh my fuckingfuck.

why only repeat beta on thursday????????? i dont know if i can wait that long.

my nerves. i need a drink.

look, there are many plausible explanations for the low start.

one: FET betas are almost always lower. ICSI betas can also be low'ish to start. But the biggest one is that embie was made in Africa, and here in Africa we operate on African time. it is much slower, much less frenetic. Chillllled.

fuckityfuck. my nerves!

67 is amazing. So much more than I was daring to hope for. I know I know that this is not yet something to be sure of (when might it be?) but I'm so pleased that what seemed like horrible news has turned a corner into ok news.

I have not even had my breakfast here and my eyes are all sleepy puffy but I had to check in to say OMFG!!!!!

Hang in there, my friend. Little superstar looks like they want to hang out in the geek hut!

Fantastic - just goes to show - sometimes you only need a sliver!!
Could have been a late implantation is all?
Keeping fingers crossed for the next beta.

Looking good! Looking very good!

Oh Millie, this is such good news! I'd seen your blog title around but had never visited, am glad I can do so to thank you for your comment on a hapy, happy day. Will be thinking of you as well.

Wonderful news... keep it up, Thursday seems so long away... and I'm a day ahead of you !!!

i've always preferred the number 67 to 42!!!!!

my late bloomer theory is holding!!!

~daisy mae

Wow Millie!!! That is so great!!! Keep chugging on little one!!!

GORGEOUS number, Millie. Hoping for another on Thursday.

Stay, damn egg! Stay I say!

Okay, technically, it's an embryo.


Yahoo! Sometimes miracles DO happen. I am hoping against hope that this is it for you, Millie.

Hang in there and I'll check back on Thursday.

Wowwowwow! That's great Millie!

Omg, where have I been??? This is great news! I am so excited to see that beta number go UP!

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