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Sunday, 09 April 2006


Millie, I'm glad you're taking care of yourself - the restorative yoga, the friends, and of course the Mister.

You're in my thoughts.

It sounds like you're holding up very well given the circumstances.

It's probably a good thing you hadn't thought about the 3 cycles average too much when you started. If you had, wouldn't it just have been harder to take the plunge.

I hope tomorrow brings resolution. Good luck.

hey sweetie, i'm sorry to hear that life is s u c k i n g so much lately. and hoping that maybe you have a late bloomer there.

i think i will stay in my pj's all day in solidarity.

~daisy mae

that yoga class sounds wonderful... I will so be hoping that it's good news for you tomorrow. but I really love your donor egg stats... think of the that, not the scary stuff if you can...

You know that I am all about the PJs ;)

I have not given up on the superstar stellar embryo yet. FETs are known to have later implantation and lower numbers. I am thinking you might just have a videogame-playing slacker in there.

Brooklyn Girl was my first blog read and she had a first beta of 14 and that was a fresh cycle. OK, OK, I know I am being annoying and you can tell me to frack off and "Told you so" if it goes to crap tomorrow but otherwise you know, I'm just saying.

I know how hard it is to keep the faith when you feel that all the bad things are happening to you and that is where your friends come in. To keep the faith when you can't. I would be exactly the same but you would do this for me too.

I am NOT going to say that FET betas start off lower. I refuse to even mention that.

An iffy result is effing terrible.

Fuck. sorry my friend.

No bleeding though? Odd.

Hurry up Monday


You're doing your usual amazing job of holding it all together. I am also all about the pyjamas but my usual source has dried up, so am happy to take recommendations. Waiting with you for tomorrow.

M, it sounds to me like you are doing the absolute BEST you can given the crappy, crappy circumstances. Looking after yourself, and the Mister. Your flowers sound beautiful. I will be hoping for you that the situation resolves itself tomorrow and thoughts of an ectopic will no longer weigh on both of your minds.

PS I have taken a Svaroopa Bliss class before that sounds very similar to your class - they called it 'restorative' and that was the perfect description.

Hi, Millie. I'm with Pamplemousse. It's soooo hard to have faith after all we've been through. But what good is the alternative? If not for faith, we would have quit a long time ago. Glad to hear you guys are taking good care of yourselves.

PJ's are the best therapy. Still hoping for you.

Thinking about you all weekend, my friend. I'm so hoping that your news Monday is non-ectopic and positive.

I'm glad about the pjs - nothing is more comforting than a good set.

Hugs to you and the mister.

Hoping for good news on Monday, Millie, Take care.

You're much braver and tougher than I. I would have spent the weekend in bed with a chocolate cake. New pyjamas are always nice..hope they end up being your good luck PJs.

Hoping you get a great result today.
Keeping everything crossed.

You and the mister are in my thoughts.

I'm still holding on to hope for you dear Millie. On pins and needles all day for you today.

In my PJs too this morning, and checking in to let you know I'm thinking about you. Please update when you can.

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