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Wednesday, 19 April 2006


I haven't made cupcakes in a very long time. Of course, here we call them fairy cakes, which used to make my american friends shriek with laughter.

What is a swiss buttercream frosting?

God, I love cupcakes. I actually hate to cook but I do like to bake. The problem is that after I bake, I like to eat. So, I dont bake. I have zero willpower. Sigh. BTW, I am SO excited for you!!

You sound so joyous! I am so happy for you that you can now talk about cupcakes, and happiness. Cooking is nurturing. You are starting anew and this is proof of it. Enjoy your recipes!

Will you share if you find a good recipe? After reading your post, I'm feeling inspired to do some baking.

Wishing you lots of luck tomorrow. Hope everything looks great.

I was going to type in some witty comment here, but got all distracted as soon as you mentioned devil's food with carmel frosting.

Great news on the doubling numbers, by the way. Hoping for great news at the ultrasound too. Good luck!

Cupcakes are dee bomb -- when can I come over and help you taste test...? just kidding :P

I love Cook's Illustrated as well. Watch them a lot here in my design den at lunch, wolfing down whatever while wishing I had the time to make what they're making... and please DO share the recipe, I'm a collector.

If we have a cronefest again, maybe you and I should make cupcakes for all?

David Sedaris' sister makes and sells them in NY. Her decorations are really cute.

P.S. Your betas are rockin'... yeah!

I'm with Pixi. I'd love to find a really good recipe.

omg - that cooks lemon pound cake is to die for! i love that!

i've been on a quest for a nice moist plain ole vanilla/white cake recipe for years now. i'm beginning to think such a thing doesn't exist!

do you think you could reschedule your us tomorow to 5am. so those of us on the east coast don't have to wait all day for results???


I am with Thalia in that they are fairy cakes over here!!! I will be thinking of you tomorrow and could you get in early and post the good news at a decent time of the day?? Hahaha! Smooches with frosting, my friend.

Mmmmmmm...cupcakes!! Such a great thing to obsess about.

I think it's fabulous that you are doing cupcake experimentation. And, in order to do my part towards advancing the culinary science of cupcake-making, I will even volunteer my taste-testing services if you ever need a second (or third, or fourth) opinion.

You HAVE to get Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess book. I think that's the baking one. Tons of cupcake recipes, most of which you can make in the food processor! There's a burnt butter cupcake recipe that is TO DIE FOR.

How are you feeling?

God love Cook's Illustrated. Please share the lemon bundt recipe - if it's as god as the lemon pound cake one in their cookbook - oh, my mouth is watering.


That's 'good' in the above comment. If it's as good as the lemon pound cake.


I am not a "cook-type" person... That is DH's job (and you've met him so can you believe it!)...

Anywoo, I am IMPRESSED with your culinary talents and would love to taste your cupcakes (sounds kinda kinky - huh?) so-so one's and all.

xox, Fran

I rushed back to check on you. Update, dammit.

So, where are some of these cupcake blogs!


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