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Tuesday, 04 April 2006


I'm not doing laundry today either. Harrumph.

Three long days.

Here's me raising a glass to you and hoping for the best on Friday!!

Hey Millie, wait until you get that BFP! Then the mister will have to do all the laundry becuase you won't want to lift those heavy laundry baskets and walk up and down the stairs with them!!

Oh, I will be thinking of you every moment of the next three days and sending you all kinds of sticky grow vibes!!! SOOOOO happy you're getting the beta Friday!!

Yay beef stew - and I had to read this at almost 11pm - I'm hungry now!!


No Guiness on Friday for you! That is my wish. Thinking of you sweetie and hoping and praying for all the best. Give the Mister a big HUG for me.

xox, Fran

I love guinness stew! It's been the same here in LA-maybe not quite as bad. I hope Friday comes quickly and you get great news.

Good luck on Friday.

thinking of you all the time. good luck, hon!

you are, in fact, weather wimps. we pay huge real estate prices and have no weather insurance. silly californians!

actually, i think you have all our rain...it hasn't rained in months here. it's supposed to rain on thursday and all the weather reports say "much needed rain". ha.

Friday!!! Sheesh. Talk about attention-seeking haha! Sorry about all the rain. It must be ours.

Good luck Friday! Hoping you will not be able to drink Guiness then either ;)

Well, thank goodness that you can go on Friday! But I hear you on the controlled coma thing...still crossing my fingers for you!!
And good lord, I am sick of the damn rain. I'm ready to start building an ark.

Best of luck on friday. I'll be furiously crossing everything for you.

I can't wait for Friday. Keep us posted!!!

Wait - have you POAS? I have to know!

You know that a bit of guinness won't do any harm at all either way - you americans are so puritan about this stuff!

Hoping you are getting through the week ok, millie. What tv have you been watching?

I have to agree with Thalia about the Guinness...wait, did you mean you put it IN the stew? If so, then the heat will take care of the alcohol. I am amazed we haven't lost power this week, but we've had plenty of mudslides and downed trees up here in the SC mountains. And how many times are they going to close 17? We are wimps, but unfortunately our infrastructure can't handle all this. Here's to Friday.

Beta on Friday is very, very good. I'll try to be patient! ;-) Many positive vibes coming your way from Michigan.

I wonder why nobody has invented some kind of device that would allow us to skip the last few days before testing. But I guess you just have to somehow make it to Friday. Curling up inside a blanket watching tv sounds like plan!

I can smell that stew cooking, I would so dearly love to sit down and have dinner with you but the beer - no - that I wouldn't enjoy so much unless it was say 10 months from now.

Keeping Friday on my mind too.

Good luck, Millie. Let's hear good news!

This weather has definitely sucked, and even a non-wimpy Midwesterner or East Coaster would have to agree!

Beta tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you all day and feverishly hoping you will be forced to refrain from anything Guiness for at least the next nine months!

Well, according to my mom rain is a sign of good luck. And Guinness if full of vitamins and good things, no?
Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Wishing you the best of news!

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