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Sunday, 02 April 2006


Welcome back!

I think I'd be certifiable if I were ever forced to wait for 14-16 days past a 4dt. That's crazy talk. Wonder what their rationale is for delaying? My clinic doesn't like to go past a 10 test with 3dt, so you'd be 5 days past that at best. I'd be buying up hpts all over the county by then!

You are going to test before that, right???

I agree wtih Boulder. 14-16 days is way way too long.

Glad you made it back in one piece. Good luck.

Oh man, what a nightmare trip back! So glad that's over and you're back at home! Geesh, can't wait for you to test!

Hey Millie - know what you mean about the flight back - ours sucked too - like a can of sardines. UGH!!! Glad you got through it in one piece, and congrats on doing the shot yourself - that's very brave(even though it was necessary, it was STILL brave). And I agree - 14-16 dp4dt??? What are they thinking?? I actually asked my accupuncturist to give me the Quest Lab form for my beta - I called my health carrier and asked them whether they'd pay for it - as long as the form was submitted by a licensed provider (and not even a network one) they paid for it - so I went with that and got my beta without having to pester my local RE. Can you try something like that? Or can you call your OB instead and ask for the form?

I hope you find a way around this bullshit.

Hey Ms Millie, the timing on that beta is ridiculous! I like Roni's idea regarding getting Dr. L (our acupuncturist) to fill out a Quest form is a great idea.

I also wanted to thank you for highlighting to my Mr. the other night, that there are lower cost DE options here in the U.S...

Call me when you can.



That journey would have reduced me to a snivelling wreck. I'm glad you made it back after all that, and with the cans of tizer too.

I think a beta must be procured sooner than that. Why do they want you to wait that long? If you just show up are they really not going to take your blood?

So.....are you going to pee on anything soon???

Well that's probably not the first time someone's been spotting shooting up in the bathroom at an airport. heh.

Sounds like an amazing trip. I'm sorry that you have to wait so long to take your beta - it's hard for all of us to wait to hear the results so I can imagine what you're going through. Yikes.

I actually meant SPOTTED not spotting above.

Sounds like an awful trip home. Blech.
I agree with the others, it just seems cruel not to let you test earlier. Still crossing my fingers for you!

Glad your tisers made it home as well as you did. As the others say, the beta timing is insane.

obsessive googling? What's that?
:) Helping you count the days, Mil.

Holy cow, now that's a long wait for the beta. All they have to do is send you to a lab with a lab slip in hand, how lazy are they being?? I hope you can talk them into doing it sooner.

Can't believe you shot yourself in the bathroom in front of people. What guts! It sounds like a horrible trip all around.

gawd. that sounds exhausting. hope you had a chance to rest & recover on the weekend. glad the tisers arrived in tact. am thinking lots of good thoughts for you, the mister and the little blast.

Just reading about your return trip makes me feel exhausted! So glad that you're back home with the Mister.

Hey there,
wow, what a trip. Hope you are enjoying relaxing a bit now.
My old RE tested on days 6 and 8 post 5dt - pretty early. What did you decided to do?
I have a favor to ask also, would you mind posting (or emailing me) your FET protocol? I would appreciate it so much.

Wow! Well I'm glad your trip was better than your travel at least that's something. You have so much courage, I'm not sure I could do all that you did. You're quite a gal!

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