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Friday, 24 March 2006


Sorry you got a bug! That really stinks...but Dook lost so all is right with the world! heehee...

At first I felt really bad for you, but then I remembered that I'm terribly jealous anyway because you live in the food capital of America and we have what, here in NC? Foster's Market? Magnolia? Yeah, but that requires dealing with Dookies? So maybe not worth the trip.

Okay, I really do feel bad for you.

Have a wonderful day today. Enjoy the wine and the company.

Oh, how fucking awful to get there and get a bug like that!!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully it's over and you'll be able to make up for lost time at those wonderful restaurants you mentioned (which I didn't patronize, and now I'm pissed at myself :). It was fantastic having lunch with you - Paul and I both had a great time!!!! Hope it wasn't the pancakes that set you off.

Feel better, and looking forward to hearing how your embies do - as Dr Champagne says, I'm hoping that they'll be as brilliant when they thaw as they were fresh! Such good news about the new thaw/culture medium procedures - I have high hopes!!!!!

Oh how terrible to have a bug on top of everything else. The drugs make you feel like such crap though, I can imagine why you were surprised. I wouldn't be mortified about public vomiting- if anyone understands feeling like crap it's a fellow IFer.

Geez, is that stomach virus making the rounds or what? It's been everywhere! As someone who has rushed to the loo at lunch before, I can sympathize. It's difficult to hide that post vomit ashen look.

Is the acupuncture helping at all? All of your doctors sound so amazing and sweet. It sounds so different from some of the experiences you've had (i'm remembering you, left on a table, in the stirrups!).

When I'm sick, I go for good bread and butter, but I've always had a thing for fresh bread. Are you getting a massage or anything while you're there? I think you need to be very good to yourself right now. And that means spa treatments!

Glad you are feeling better. I threw up in a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta once, not a fun time. Thinking of you.

Your basketball references always remind of the two years I lived with my brother and we HAD to watch every game possible during march madness and *everything* came to a stop for the final 4. Hope the stomach bug is just a 24 hour thing so that you can enjoy the lovely eats you've been looking forward to. Panna cotta sounds like just the thing for an upset tummy.

Oh sorry, sick and so far from home, thank god for the world wide army of the IF'ers - I'm so glad that you have support, and dining and drinking partners. And on the bright side, you'll have the bug out of your system before you get on the plane for the long flight home.

I love the idea of having more meals planned than actual meal occasions available. That's me to a T. And they do all sound lovely.

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