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Sunday, 26 March 2006


Wow. Sounds wonderful.

Hey Millie - SO glad you're feeling better, and your day sounds like it was divine (minus the PIO shot, but what's bad about having a good man see your butt, even if he belongs to someone else??)

I'm glad you wrote about the township tour. We didn't take one for the very reason you were afraid to do so the first time. I'm glad we had a chance to hear about it from you, and I wish now in retrospect that we had done so.

Have a Schwepps lemonade for me- I'm so pissed we can't get them here!

It sounds like you're creating a lot of love and good karma all around you. I feel so peaceful reading your post and peace for you in this hopeful time.

What an incredible trip you are having. SA sounds like an amazing place.

I got a huge kick out of the fact that Mr IG gave you your shot. We really are a little community...

Dropping by via Tertia. Just wanted to let you know that I am sending you positive vibes and I hope that when you leave that beautiful country you will have a baby firmly implanted in your womb. Love the description of your tour.

Millie, I am finally back and catching up on you. I have been thinking of you all week and I was just saying to Mr P that you would be in SA and getting ready for the FET. Of course, he thinks I am bonkers though lovely with it.

I am so excited that you are finally there, my friend. You had better make up for those lost meals quick. Smooches, sweetie.

You sound so happy and content. I'm glad you're having such a good time. All of this happiness radiating from you should mean good things for tomorrow's transfer.

gosh - cape flats. i took a wrong turn on the highway trying to find my way back to my hotel. and ended up taking a little drive thru the cape flats.

i did an official soweto tour when i was in jobo. got to see nelsom mandela's house - he lived on the street with the doctors and lawyers as well.

thinking good thoughts for you. and as the original daisy mae would say find your "inner zen".


~daisy mae

So glad you are so much better. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day before transfer. Hoping the upswing continues.

I'm just catching up on your last few posts. Alanis Morisette started playing in my mind when I read the previous post's title. :-)

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

That would have been "Ironic" Alannis Morisette. i didn't miss it. :oP

Sounds incredible, glad everything is going well.

I am so glad you are feeling better, and had such a grand time with the girls. The township tour sounds incredible, and must help you to feel like you are beyond the usual turista path. Who am I kidding? You are already beyond the usual turista path! You sound just wonderful. I have been watching the clock all day, adding ten hours then figuring out how long until your FET. Does that make me a stalker? A stalker with nothing but hope for you I suppose.

I just love reading your posts. If it weren't for the fact that I've been thinking about you constantly, I'd have almost forgotten why you were in Cape Town -food and friends, right ? You sound great. And you got that bug out of your system and let another man see your behind - I'd say you are clear to go, girl.

Here's to a great transfer.

The tour sounds so interesting. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I got a big kick out of Mr. IG giving you your PIO shot, too:)

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