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Wednesday, 08 March 2006


Okay, now I'm just plain pissed off.

Why? This is so unfair.

That is so awful. Who the hell is in charge of this kind of shit happening because someone needs a serious ass whupping.

so so unfair. my heart hurts.

No, no, NO! That is so fucking unfair.

Oh fuck.

I could not get to her newest post, however. I will wait until I can read it to reply. Not FUCKING fair.

I do not fucking believe it. HOw??? Why??? I was just surfing around thinking of going over to Teendoc, and I thought well she's pregnant so I probably can't relate to what she's posting about. I hate myself. I hate the universe.

Holy crap!That is totally unfair:(

You can say FUCK on a blog right? Unlike some boards where they censor you - right? Well, I don't give a Fuck.... FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK..................................


P.S. I am not big into profanity, but this infertility stuff REALLY takes you there!

I am just devastated to hear this news. If you are in touch with Liana, please pass on my heartfelt condolences to Mason and her.

I'm so so sorry to hear this (and forgive comment on above post, I was reading in the wrong order). Please send my love to Liana, this is horrible news.

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