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Wednesday, 15 March 2006


Hi, I'm another infertile who just found your blog. I'm also in the bay area, I'm also doing weight watchers... funny thing is I've also considered going to S. Africa for IVF. Really glad to have found your blog, interested in hearing how it all goes (sounds as though you did it once before there, no?).

Best wishes on your current cycle!

Um, if you can get lincolnshire sausages in SA, you NEED to smuggle them into the country. Don't worry about jail time and the large fee for smuggling illegal meat in, I'll bail you out.

LOVE dry lemon even more than the tisers. My sister often brings back a grapetiser for me. Next time i shall ask for the pear.

I'm glad there are so many nice things to look forward to. I hope it's a refreshing and peaceful time.

Mmmmmmm panna cotta.
Oh man do i want to stow away in your suitcase.

Oh wow... how cool, all of that? Most of the fun of exploring other cultures for me revolves around little things like this. I am glad you are enjoying your surroundings and I wish you ten tons of luck with this round.

Potato chips... now you've got me going...

I'm glad you're finding things to get excited about. It sounds like a cool place.

Mmmm, food! Stop it...you are making me hungry!

You are making me EXTREMELY homesick right now, I love Appletizer (try it with Jack Daniels), love Chutney Chips and love my country! I wish you all the very best for this cycle, and really wish that I could stow in your luggage! Oh well, my trip home is planned for December!

Panna cotta done right is one of the most fabulous things EVER. I am drooling as I type.

Food is such an awesome way to remember a country.
Excited for you.

It sounds like a wonderful place. I am so hopeful for your FET cycle. Crossing everything for you.

Well la-te-da for you that you can get around this place! Did you read my blog? I just posted how I am an idiot and keep getting lost and you brag at your Capetown driving skills! Well when you get here Miss smarty pants you can guide me :) For the love of God hurry! Hurry or you may never find me...I will end up in Botswana probably.

Second....my turn to brag....I just finished a dry lemon :) YUMMMMMM! I remember these from last year. I did find the equivalent at home at the international foodstore but is has a different name and I think it came from one of the enia' countries. I cannot remember which...I will let you know.

Thanks for the acupuncture people. I will call them.

The hormones are clearly messing with your brain, you forgot to mention your all time fave thing about Cape Town - ME!



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