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Tuesday, 14 March 2006


Good for you. Good luck. I hope you enjoy yourself a little bit too. Sounds like a lovely place to go.

Take care.

Don't worry about hoping. We'll do it for you. Sorry about the headaches. Those things are brutal. Hang in there!

Sounds like a good game plan.
And hey, an extra peartiser never hurt anyone.

Crossing all available parts for you! And congrats on the weight loss so far! Don't worry about not hitting the 15, and the meds will screw ya up any way. Just think of its as a better base for being knocked up!


Hello, visiting via Thalia to wish you luck . . .

Don't worry about the weight gain, or lack of weight loss now. For the moment, that is not important. Those hormones are a bitch, you are allowed to be a little loopy.

Re feeling blah, it is completely understandable. It is a bit of a protective mechanism as well.

Carry on as you. You are doing fine.

Wine and (shop bought) lunch awaits you.


I'm glad you are not giving up. In fact, you're doing the opposite and doing lots and lots of good things to help yourself. I'm in awe.

The drugs are so evil and crazy making. And you're going to add the steroids ? Known for their insane hunger increasing properties? You know they give humans and dogs the some of the same steroids for treatment ? I watched my friends dog, on prednisone, nab a raw potato off the kitchen counter and eat it. This was a good dog - a no food off the counter dog. He was CRAZED. We started thinking he might eat us the way he watched us at the table.

I think you've got to let the food and weight stuff go right now. The drugs are too much.

You sound in a very good place to make this trip. There are no jinxes, you were not too cocky last time. I understand not bringing all your hope with you, but just so you know there's buckets of it here with everyone who reads this blog. We'll carry it for you if thats what you need.


If it's any consolation, I'm having a tough time losing weight on the drugs too. I think we're both on lupron, right? Just remember, most of it is water...Hopefully you'll be a nice fat preggo in a few months anyway.

It sounds like it's hard not to hope and it's hard to hope at the same time.

Don't worry about what the scales say (this from the person who obsesses about how to stand on the scale to eek out a bit of loss...HA!), enjoy the healthy eating. You and the mister be good to yourselves, ya hear!

So weird...I missed this post. No....no giving up and being cocky once in awhile with this game we call infertility is ok. Because most of the time we spend our time down and out over crappy luck and ovaries...or uteri. I am sorry about the weight but do not feel like the lone ranger because if I put on any more bloat I will float out of this place like the goodyear blimp. At least I will not have to share an airplane seat.

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