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Tuesday, 07 March 2006


I hope the shot went well. If your posts on my blog were any indication of timing, you were busy procrastinating as I was arriving at work to go to the gym this morning. Wierd how that works.

I don't quite understand the timing, but I'm glad you do. Onwards and upwards!

Good luck with the shot. I've got everything crossed that it works this time.

Good luck! I hope this time is THE time!

Maybe you could procrastinate even more and post pictures of the new kitchen?

Good luck with everything!

wishing you well.

I second Chris' suggestion. Kitchen photos please!

Wishing you luck and ease with everything this time around.

Thinking of you, and hoping the Lupron is going okay.

Thinking of you, dear Millie.


Good luck, Millie! Best of best of luck!

Good luck! Mid-April's not that far away...

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