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Wednesday, 22 March 2006



Thinking of you my dear!

Hey Millie,

I'm glad to hear you made it safely. I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

Love, Fran

YAY! Go, go, go! Best of luck!

Yes, what PBfish said: go! go! go!


How exciting! But you forgot to sneak me in your suitcase AGAIN!

Hoping this is it for you! Good luck, my dear.

Glad you're on your way!

I still can't believe you are already back there! Thinking of you.

Hooray. Glad you made it there safely. I'm so excited for you and hoping for great things.

I hope this is the last trip...except maybe the one you make for sentimental reasons years from ow.

so funny, I thought you were already there a few posts back... so I'll just so hooray and wish you all the luck in the world... again!

Crossing my fingers for you, Millie!

Oh wow, you're there already!
Glad you had a safe journey and are enjoying the tisers & dry lemon. Yum.

Glad you had a safe flight. Everything has been crossed and re-crossed on my body for you! Good luck!

Thinking of you. Hope you're enjoying the Tisers!

It mist have taken a long time to you but it seems super fast to us. While Cape Town sound lovely I hope this is you last trip over there!

OMG! I thought it was next week....no wonder you have been on my mind. I bought a box of crispy cremes over the weekend and with each one I polished off, I was thinking of you.

I'm so jealous of the fabulous food and wine you are having. Go to Le Perla and get the calamari and a jumbo salad for me!

Praying for some totcicles to join the team! Hug Dr. Champagne from us, ok.

Wishing you safe travels, a wonderful trip, and a whopping BFP!

xxx and +++

Glad to hear you've arrived in one piece. Can't wait to hear how everything goes, enjoy the local delicacies!

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