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Thursday, 16 March 2006


I hate it when celebs lie about this stuff, too. Keep your privacy, just don't lie. But am I missingn something or could they have used their own frozen embryos?

I'm calling it: They're full of crap.

There, don't you feel better now?

I enjoyed all the stats, by the way: I'd been wondering about that.

I wonder too if she had eggs frozen or embryos from previous cycles. The fact that a surrogate was used makes me think that there was maybe no problem getting pregnant but more of a problem staying pregnant. Who knows?

Lots of people do not want to acknowledge using donor eggs and that is their prerogative whether a celebrity or not. What really chaps my hide is that some poor woman will be stting there reading and thinking "I still have plenty of time when there are 47 yr old women having twins". It gives false hope, in my opinion.

Anyhoo, enough of that. Bring on the hair dye and lets get this SA party started. I am so excited for you. How is the mister going to occupy his time without you???

I agree, I thought at 30 I had plenty of time and was completely astonished to find out the statistics. It would be nice if celebrities, who have so much publicity, would occasionally use it to promote a better understanding of fertility issues. I do think that people deserve their privacy, but I dislike the way that people seem to place so much emphasis on genetics. If it is true that the child is "biologically" theirs, I still don't think it is necessary to emphasize that aspect of a birth.

It's very complex obviously, and I respect individual choices, but I wish more people would come out about DE. It would help remove a lot of the stigma.

Not Debora Spar again! I am so sick of her book..."babies are for sale!" could this be any more sensationalist?? I have never read a story about if, ivf or de that does not go that route. I am 20 weeks pg w/de twins...last time I checked I didn't bring home an actual baby though.
I doubt if Angela Bassett is telling the truth but I don't know for sure of course. I absolutely agree that most people are uninformed on what the stats are and there are ways to answer without answering if you know what I mean. "These are my babies..."

Oh the celebrity spin machine. It would be so amazing to see a popular celebrity analyze how they came to a DE cycle.

Very interesting breakdown of the numbers! I suppose frozen embryos are possible, but DE is more likely. I expect the percentage of DE babies in Hollywood is pretty high; you can't tell me all those women in their mid to late 40s are consistently hitting the egg jackpot, even with all the resources in the world to pursue fertility treatment.

Well, they've been trying since she was 42 so the embryos could be left from a cycle when she was 43 which would still be long odds but not as long as 46. But I highly doubt it...

The thing I love about celebrities and ART is that they have publicists and agents and bodyguards and all this insulation, and ordinary folk don't, which means that it's the ordinary folks who have to spend twenty minutes explaining to assvicey friends and family members that just because Celebrity X had a baby at (insert advanced maternal age here) doesn't mean that if they just relaaaaaaaaax, they'll have the same results.

"I don't know why you're so worried! Look at So and So! She just had twins, and she's older than you. Maybe you just need to stop worrying about it so much."

This stuff frustrates me beyond belief. Kudos to people like Brooke Shields for telling it like it is. But I have to say it was the Jennie Garth stuff that really made me spit blood this week: "our babies just come along when we're ready for them". UGGGH!

You know the most annoying thing for me in all this is not the couple, who have decided for their own reasons what they will and won't keep private (totally respect), but the lazy journalism!
There is the less than 1% chance that these are their own eggs, but surely a journalist that has properly researched this story would have found all the statistics that you have Millie?
If the questions had been asked and answered, then with the kinds of statistics making this kind of conception possible, why would a journalist not think to give some more information on how a woman of that age defied the incredible odds?
It would have made this a real story - rather than the fantasy puff piece it is.

Hey, Millie. I am very ambivalent/hypocritical on this topic. On one hand, I plan on "not telling the truth" about having a baby through DE (if it happens, that is), but yet feel like celebrities should bring it out in the open to further our cause, if you will. My grandmother had my mom, the youngest of 8, at 48, so I guess it is possible. I mean, I certainly thought I had plenty of time. And I guess it's possible they did the whole PGD thing...maybe over a period of time, they created lots of little frozen embryos through multiple extractions and picked the best ones to give to the surrogate. They certainly have the money if they wanted to do it that way. I guess the thing that really bums me out, is why does anyone (including/especially me) care? It's certainly none of my business, but yet I'm obsessed with the whole thing. Hmmm.

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