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Wednesday, 29 March 2006


Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing the latest and greatest soon...

Welcome home!!!


Fingers crossed you didn't come home alone.

I hope you can lounge around and sleep a lot. I'm sure Mr. Millie will take great care of you.

Welcome back to the soggy bay area. When's the beta?

What a whirlwind! So glad everything went well with the transfer--fingers crossed for you.

glad your trail was a smooth one... keeping fingers and toes crossed tight for you... :)

Happy homecoming!! This time it's going to work with that superstar you brought home with you!!

Hugs, and here's to quickly overcoming jetlag!!


Welcome back to the rain-soaked city. Stay indoors and enjoy your tisers!

Here is me thinking it is pissing with rain here but it will be super-sunshiney there for Millie coming home! Get some great sleep in and ration those crisps. Maybe that is a new export business for Tertia.

I am so glad you are home safely and reunited with the mister. Smooches, sweetie!

I'm keeping everything crossed for you!

Glad that you're home safe and sound, but worry about your bag, that sounds like great potential booty for someone! Look after yourself.

You've got me really wanting to try this stuff now. Welcome home! Keep warm and dry.

Welcome back! I've got everything crossed for you!

I'm with *InSpring*.... got everything crossed that you did not come home alone. Glad you made it back safe and sound... great picture of you on T's blog!

Good luck, Millie! I hope your little almost-blast is a winner this time around. I have decided that in the future, I am only going to transfer one embryo per FET. I figure if it's going to make it, it's going to make it whether there's one of 'em or five of 'em. So I'm pulling for your little Lone Star!

Oh no! Not you too with the bag issue.

I'm so glad that you are back here. Hope that your embie is nestling in nicely.

I hope you get the lovely news soon. I am crossing my fingers for a positive outcome. What a trip!!!!

Welcome back! Sorry the bay area's weather is not nearly as cooperative as SA's.

Grow, little blast, grow!

I'm glad you made it safely! Good luck! :-)

Welcome home and I am sending good vibes in your direction.

Welcome home Millie! I'm so glad things went well with the FET. When's beta? Hoping for you.

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