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Monday, 27 March 2006


What a great update. Wishing you all the best!

One stellar embryo is all it takes, Millie. It sounds as if you had a fabulous day and lets hope it leads to a fabulous 9 months. Get those feet up, woman and try not to laugh at Cold Feet too much (although I think it depends on what series you are watching!).

YEAH! A beautiful blastocyst for a beautiful mommy!

Thinking of you,

It sounds like a marvellous day, and I hope that it results in a marvellous outcome.

I grew up in SA, and have always loved appletizers - now you tell me they have peartizers??? I'll have to get my butt back down there and try one of those!

So happy for you! Enjoy your panna cotta!

I'm crossing everything twice (very flexible, I), and salivating. What a wonderful trip, what a wonderful woman.

Wishing you all good things in the world, Millie.

Be careful with cold feet, they have a way of throwign things in that make you cry...

COngrats on the superstar, we are all willing her/him into action.

You and that blissfully beautiful blast are in my thoughts.


Fab lining, stellar blast, it all sounds promising. Now let's hope it gets kept.

I loved Cold feet. They never showed the last season over here though. :-(

Thanks for the update! I'm so glad for your fab lining and superstar blast. Wishing you tons of luck!!!!

It sounds like you are doing the perfect thing tonight- good food and R&R. Go Super Star!

Miss Rory Bean is now awake to add her good thoughts to Poufy's and mine for your success!

Fabulous lining, superstar blast...it sounds like the perfect situation to create a baby!

I'm pretty sure that Panna Cotta is the official dessert of infertility...or is it FET's. Either way you're covered. Best of luck.

Wow, this couldn't have gone better! Glad you are having some relaxation time now with Anji and good food while your blast is burrowing in for a looooooong stay.

Best of luck with your superblast Millie, sending sticky vibes your way.

Sounds like a fabulous transfer!!! Hope your dinner was divine! Sticky, sticky happy thoughts!!

Fantastic, getting to blast after thaw.
Love Cold Feet, never missed it when it was on here!
Take care.

Sorry, that last comment was me!

Wishing you the best!

yee haw! i woke up this morning and thought 'today is millie's tranfer!'... i'm so glad you are feeling so zen. it's the only way to be at this point now that things are out of your control... and being the control freak i am, i know how much that sucks.

all 3 of us are thinking of you!

Sounds like it all went so well. Yeah ! Take it easy (as if you need encouraging)and think snuggly blast thoughts. I have been all day.

Sounds great! Glad to see you're having fun with the IG's too. Tell her I miss her and good luck to both of you...still keeping busy here...

Welcome to my world! Here you have to fight the docs to get them to transfer any more than one if the embie looks good. And not even at blast stage, with a two day transfer...

But I hear the success rates are as good as elsewhere. So your one little star embie might just be the one. I'll keep everything crossed!!

you sound so wonderful. congrats on a great transfer. enjoy the food! or, hope you enjoyed the food!

Remember what you said to Ruthie once - it only takes one! I know, different circumstances, but hopefully a similary **positive** ending (ok, bad joke!).

Now I want a tiser!

Sounds like a truly fantastic day. And your blasto is such a rock star to make it through the thaw and then some! I love him/her already!

Sounds “fab”!

Got everything crossed over here. Rest up and enjoy your panna cotta and tisers!

Millie! How did I not pick up that you were doing donor egg...? Somehow I did not, but man oh man, I hope this is THE round for you... lunch, you got it, how about this Friday (3/31)? And if you're feeling too jetlagged (or anything else), do NOT hesitate to cancel... thanks again for the links.

I am very excited for you Millie. I hope it goes well and this little blasto becomes your life dream.

Thank you for some good news! It's been sorely lacking in my world lately. Mmmmm, Ativan.

I was thinking of you last night and I just had to come back and say that I have such a good feeling about this. Such a good feeling.

You have created so much good energy and so much love in your life, my heart is with you and may there be another heart with you very soon.

Hurrah for your little superstar! May it burrow in snugly and give you great news in a couple of weeks.

I'm praying that you're little superstar hangs around! Good luck.

Let us be the luck sisters with all the crap that's going around. We all deserve it. *raises a peartiser for a toast*

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