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Monday, 13 March 2006


I highly recommend acupuncture - esp. if you know of a very good IF acupuncturist.

For the "most" part - baby aspirin has been regarded by my RE's as something that "can't hurt" (then I was found to have mthfr).

Assisted hatching - how old is the donor? That's *usually* used for older eggs to penetrate the tough zona pellucida. Some think it won't hurt, some think that the less embryo manipulation the better.

I don't know the difference between the two steroids, I've had both. Don't forget to relax and lots of pineapple - ha ha. Okay, too early, right.

Very interested in the steriod responses.for the other questions.

Assisted Hatching, I had to push to get it done but it'll be done from this fresh cycle onwards it can't hurt and the stats look good for it helping, FET results on paper look better for its use too but then I'm old so my eggs are tougher.

Baby Asprin, I do use it has helped with my thin lining and I wouldn't be without it now, still waiting on MTHFR results but my RE is happy for me to take it.

Accup, I wish I wasn't but I'm too lazy to commit to weekly sessions so I have them them just prior to transfer and just after transfer. granted only had a chem result but it's something.

I have been on baby aspirin since I began my estrogen patches.

I start Doxycycline tomorrow (100 mg, twice daily)

I sent you information regarding the assisted hatching recommendations that an embryologist had sent to me.

We are not doing assisted hatching, we had ICSI and ours are at the 2 PN stage.....for me, it was up to us, studies neither highly supported it or not.....

I am not on medrol for this FET but always have been for the fresh cycles. I will call and ask about that now.

Much love,

Okay, so I am on the medrol now. I will start tomorrow night. They said it really isn't necessary for the FETs, but it won't hurt....16 mg. in the evening, last dose the evening of the transfer (Friday).

FWIW I think some clinics do AH with every cycle, no matter what. Worth looking into. Good luck!!

Add two phosphodiesterase inhibitors Sildenfil (Viagra) and Pentoxiphylline (Trental) have been shown to increase blood flow to the uterus. Viagra in the form of vaginal suppositories given in the dosage of 25 mg four times a day has been shown to increase uterine blood flow as well as thickness of the uterine lining.

Similar results were obtained when Trental was used in 400mg twice a day doses alone with vitamin E to treat women experiencing implantation failure associated with thin endometrium and elevated uterine NK cells.

I am on baby aspirin to help with the lining. They are using assisted hatching on me, but may not have if I was your donor's age (under 32?). My clinic likes to use doxycycline just once a year for prophylactic (I know I spelled THAT wrong) reasons.

I wish I could help you with the med issue. The advice I'm giving myself is to not over-think things any more - I don't know if that's good advice for you or not. It seems to me that there are just so many variables and things over which we just have no control no matter how hard we try. Then again, the right meds at the right time could make all of the difference. Who knows?

The bottom line - I feel you're destined to become a mother, I hope this will be the time.

Millie, I don't know a damn thing about any of this, I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and your upcoming trip to SA. You are AMAZINGLY organized.


I do 1 baby asprin/day due to homozygous MTHFR. Also, I highly reccommend the acupuncture before your trip, it can really help get your system in line and the earlier the better (in my experience). I also took 1mg dex/day from CD6 to 12 weeks completed (this was a natural cycle-- go figure!). Steroids have some yucky side effects, but they sure did their job and it was worth it to get to the second trimester. I don't know how/if they interact with a FET, but hopefully your specialist can help you decide. You can email me for more info: tewinger at aol dot com.

Baby aspirin is a definite yes -- can't hurt. Just be sure that you only take baby aspirin and not an adult aspirin, since this is one of those situations where more is NOT better.

Steroids -- you need to get this info from the doctor, obviously. I took Prednisone 10 mg starting a few days before transfer and continuing until a week after, but different docs have different protocols.

Assisted hatching -- I am kicking myself for NOT doing this on my FET. There are some clinics that make it a policy to do AH with all FET embryos because they believe freezing hardens the shell. I will definitely be doing AH in the future with all my FETs.

Antibiotics -- I think most protocols call for 10 days of doxycycline, ending just before transfer. If it were a fresh cycle, hubbies would take an antibiotic too.

Good luck!

Wow, everyone should have honorary RE credentials. All this is so far over my head but I wanted to send some good thoughts your way. Truth be told I lurk here and send thoughts your way all the time but I just wanted you to know about it.

BTW Richard Dry is faculty member at my college. Cool. I'm a name dropper!

We have an Assisted Hatching success story--went 0-for-3 without it, went 3-for-4 with it on our two IVFs. Same quality embryos, same lining.


I'm with the others on the baby aspirin. It can't hurt. Have you had any testing done for immunology? Wessel recommended Omega 3's for my NK levels. Makes my poop smell like fish, but Whole foods and other health food stores have Nordic brand which have lemon capsules, no fish burps.

As for the steroid, I'd say go for it. I'm on the medrol, but I couldn't tell you the difference between the two.

Good luck.

1. Medrol vs. Dex: If you have elevated NKs I think Dr. Beer prefers the Dex to the Medrol.

2. Baby aspirin is a good idea, esp if you test positive or borderline for any of the APAs.

3. Assisted hatching: CDC website shows lower success rates for cycles with AH than without, and that was even with older women who are supposed to have thicker zona pellucidas (sp?). I think the AH possibly stresses the embryo in some way that they haven't quite figured out. Dr. S (where Julianna is) said tht there aren't any studies to show that AH is really effective. BTW: I think they're starting to find that PGD does this, too.

4. We didn't do antibiotics because all of our tests came back negative. But we would have done the dex if we did have to use it.

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