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Monday, 06 March 2006


I wish I could come to one of your parties, they sound like so much fun. When you post the pics of the kitchen how about posting us a recipe for one of the fun things?

come cook for me!! your creations always sound amazing. Glad you had a fun filled evening. It's nice to have a noisy house sometimes.

So, doing your part for Hollywood's progressive agenda, hmmm? And plying people with food while you're at it? And gay cowboys!? Shame on you.

Next you'll be telling us you do yoga or something.

And yes, I was wrong on all my Oscar picks.

Oh, and you cannot even vaguely reference food and maggots in the same post. Blech.


Ok if we ever have an infertile blogland gala, you are so in charge of the menu. Can't wait to see pics of your new kitchen!!

Here is to being normal....AND happy! WHO KNEW!!!!

Much love,

Normally I would never question the menu of someone as worldly and sophisticated as you, dear Millie, but seriously, carrot cake shooters? What movie were they from?

i seriously live on the wrong coast. must speak to the original daisy mae's papa pronto - we must move west. like pioneers. what i would give to go to a pahty that does not serve velveeta or little hot dogs cooked in grape jelly.

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