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Saturday, 18 February 2006



and i had the nerve to give you truffles that i made

much embarrassed now

Oh me too, total snob. I only buy coffee from one supplier in the UK who travels the world finding it, and roasts it himself. And chocolate? Pretty much the only stuff I'll eat is from La Maison Du Chocolat. Which I'm pretty sure you don't have on the left coast but there is one in New York.

Yoga I'm dead ignorant on so can't manage to be a snob.

But in everything else, snob and proud of it.

You almost made me want to drink coffee. Almost.

I just made pots de creme with callebaut. Which I can't pronounce despite all my years of French, but I must say it was good.

Anywho, my SIL and BIL love yoga. I don't know if they're any good at it though; they're sort of into everything that's hip, so there you go. They'd probably love Swami, since they're cut from the same cloth. When my BIL was here and doing yoga in the morning on the beach, I would watch him and literally had to restrain myself from running out and knocking him over into the surk. Good lord, I hate him.

I think I would go back to the super-cool studio. Sounds kind of nice. Well, except for the instructor trying to sleep with his students. That's a little different.

Have a lovely weekend.

Hey, what's wrong with being discriminating? :-)

I'm a snob too, but I try not to let people see that because I don't want to make them feel bad. So I'm more of a secret snob. I'm especially snobby about my books; I shun paperbacks. I only want hardback books in my library. Sadly for society, paperbacks are all the rage. Ugh. So, often, I can't even find the book I want in a hardback. And it really pains me to have to buy a paperbook and then put it on the shelf next to my hardback beauties. I imagine the hardbacks saying to each other, "Look what's happening to the neighborhood . . ."

We're all snobs about something, right? Plus I think as we get older, we choose quality over quantity, kwim? I

Hee - reminds me of a story you'll appreciate. My ex's dad is an unmitigated snob marooned out in Texas where he teaches. He was a foodie before the word foodie. That type. So he's always been a large man, fairly overweight. One year he goes to the doctor, and the doc gives him a lecture about losing weights. He says, "well, professor, time to cut back on McDonalds." My ex's dad is horrified and says, "Pardon? I'll have you know this belly was built on the finest wines and artisanal cheese!" Bwah ha.

you either do gym yoga or you're a yoga snob. nothin in between.

You ! A snob ! I don't believe it ! The great fountain of ART knowledge ? The generous soul of comments ? I'm so disappointed :)

I really believe we've all got our snob factor, even if we wouldn't recognize it for such. I'm eager to hear about your chocolate choices.

BTW, that was a beautiful post over at Julianna's.


Baptiste, yes? I never slept with him, but he sat on my back a few times in Cambridge... Or perhaps there are multiple yogis with this reputation? Anyway, it's the only yoga for me, I'm afraid.

Also, try Porto-Rico coffee (Bleecker Street in NYC) for FABULOUS and reasonably priced coffee and coffee supplies. They do mail order, and you will not be disappointed. Aggie's Blend is my personal favorite--regular or WP decaf.

The only other things I'm really snobby about are knives (German, usually) and beer (English Ales, mostly). I drive a cheap car, bought a cheap stroller, and wear cheap pajamas so I can buy organic foods (and now infant formula), good wines, and kick-ass running shoes.

These are quality of life things, I think. Nothing to feel sheepish about. No reason to skimp on the things that make you even moderately happy at the end (or beginning) of the long and tedious day. And it's better than being a snob about people, don't you think?

No, I'm guessing if you're truly a yoga snob it's RY not Baptiste!

takes one to know one

You know what kind of snob *I* am. I'm the girl that goes to only one supermarket to buy one kind of premium butter -- that's what made those cookies I sent so good :)

This is starting to sound like an AA meeting. :)

I think I was doomed from birth. First-because my parents had me eating cebiche and anticuchos from an early age (those two really can cook!). I think their food snobbery rubbed off on me and led me to fall in love with a chef. The final nail in the food snob coffin was when I moved to San Francisco. I'm totally screwed now, I'll never be able to go back to my college days of eating ramen noodles.
Oh and Emily, I'm a total butter snob too. Have you tried goat butter yet??

LOL. I have to admit, I am a bit of a yoga snob myself. Everything for me - studio, teacher, etc has to be just so. ;-)

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