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Tuesday, 07 February 2006


I love it that things are on the upswing -- you are a strong, strong woman, Millie.

I'm reading your post while sitting at work eating cheetos, of all things, because I had a craving, dammit! But the fact that you're doing everything you can to get it together is inspiring me.

I hear you on the mister feeling low and lonely. I totally understand. He sounds like a sensitive soul...

Thinking of you two.


The new job sounds wonderful. Good for you.

ooohh - sounds like a job where you could get paid to surf the web all day??? i want one of those. where do i sign up???

"I'm happy to have that conversation (more than happy in fact) with anyone who it might open the doors for in their own family building. I just 'don't want to go there' with anyone who isn't thinking about some of the same things we are."

Thank you for this. I've been struggling with who to tell about the donor egg/IVF thing, myself. I've told one girlfriend (since we were 13), who is almost 42, never married. I just don't think I want to tell anyone else. I just need to get over feeling like a big fake.

Glad things are looking brighter, Mil.

Good luck with the job prospect! I'm so happy to hear that you and the mister are feeling better.

Glad that things are moving in the right direction.


Good luck with the new job! I wish I could forget how to work haha.

Happy to hear things are looking up. Wishing you all those things you wish for yourself! :-)

Good luck with the new job. Glad to hear things are turning up a little bit.

so glad to hear that things are picking up. i feel for you with the mr and his lack of a real support system, outside of you of course. d had the same issue when we lost avery and it was so tough on him. he had no friends of his own who had gone through the whole TTC thing and certainly noone who had lost a child.

and on the job front, call me if you want some help. you know i've got the hook up at a ton of places!

Totally agree on being too open re: donor eggs. I think at this stage it's something you should only talk about with people making the same decisions (that's what I've found). Can your mister talk to your friends partners?
Good luck with your job, this sounds like the ideal environment for you.

Millie - just happy that you are feeling better and that your mister is starting the climb back up as well. The job sounds great - interesting how things like this happen when we most need it.


Aw Millie, you didn't have to strong arm me to get me there, but the strong arming did come into play in sticking around that boring setup session - lol.

Anywoo, I am looking forward to Sunday's venting session and hopefully some lost pounds for both of us. (although I did cheat some in Monteray!!)

Take care sweetie.

xox, Fran


I wish I was the friend doing WW and gyming it up w/ you. I've stuck to my SB with no cheating - lost 3 lbs because not exercising - too busy and feeling sick, will keep with it.

But you are inspiring me, so I'll be working out soon. I'm so happy the pieces are coming back together, and I hope the job situation turns out just as you wish.

Any news on the new job? Or on travelling back to SA?

Wow. You are incredible, Millie.

Wishing you all good things... and soon!

You sound like you're doing amazingly well. I'm so very proud of you! And for your mister for knowing that he needs to talk to someone, even if he hasn't quite figured out who. I hope the job thing pans out.

You sound so positive. You're my hero! And good news about the job - ka-ching!

Can I be a nag and say...YOGA! I've just recently started to get back into it and I forgot how awesome yoga is.

hi! good luck with the job stuff. good to hear that things are looking up in a few areas.

thinking of you...

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