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Tuesday, 21 February 2006


Is there really nothing worse than an amorous male yoga instructor? There's something about it that doesn't seem right.

Hope you get some answers.

Take care.

How about a hyper-coaguability panel, too? Have you already had one? That's how I found out about my compound heterozygous MTHFR status. Taking mega doses of folic acid, BA, and now Lovenox 40 mg BID (when I start estrogen in May) I'm sneaking some Medrol and antibiotics in this cycle. I'm sure I can get my OBGYN to prescribe them. Anxious for you, too...GL!

Umm, ha ha, I can't really see you and RY getting busy. He just doesn't seem like your type.

Anyway, I'm so glad you and the Mister are doing therapy together. Having space to really focus on communication is so awesome.

From my vantage point (fwiw), it seemed like this last cycle was looking like some good luck, finally. So it seemed extra craptastic went it didn't work out. But fuck it all, we all have to have some good luck at some point right? I mean, after my mom died life seemed so crappy for the longest time, and I had a hard time believeing anything would be good again. I am definitely someone who will chalk a bunch of bad things up to my own horrible luck and feel like everything is doomed. But that's just not fair. Angelina Jolie can't have everything! Millie is going to get her baby.

And all luck aside, hopefully a doctor can give you some answers. It's time for a happy ending. Millie and the Mister need to ride off into the sunset with their bambino.

I really hope you find some answers. Bad luck alone is just unacceptable.

Is this ZFC?

I hope you find the answer soon.

I went on a miscarriage management program after I had 3 failed fresh IVF cycles (my eggs), + I'd also had a miscarriage (spontaneous). (Run via FU).
This included all the immunology tests ie the APA/ACA tests, and both Mr. S and I had the MFTHR dna testing done. For Mr. S it was another semen analysis (he also had to have blood tests).
There was also every other test we've all already had, but also ovulation tracking, ultra sound (got out of that), and the biopsy done around Day 26.
The only thing that came back was slightly elevated ACA levels (detected earlier but dismissed). When I did my next 2 cycles, I had to have heparin injections at transfer.
Might be worth considering?
Now that we are moving to DE, I feel confident that at least we know that Mr S does not have any dna issues (we have morphology issues).
Not sure if you and the mister have had all these tests?

OK, dumb, dumb question that may be an insult to your incredibly well-informed intelligence, but here goes anyway: Did you have assisted hatching with the fresh donor cycle? Do they do assisted hatching with frozen cycles? I ask only because it may possibly have accounted for the difference in our two IVFs (similar quality embryos both cycles, but we had an implantation rate of 0 for 3 without AH and 3 for 4 with).


No good advice to offer but just wanted to say I'm glad you're going for your FET. Been thinking about you and hoping you'd be making plans soon. Hugs to the mister.


Hysteroscopy and/or repeat pg loss, implantation failure panel are good tests. What about endometrial biopsies? There are two or three of those these days.

I'm sorry the mister has lost his optimism. I don't know what I'd do if my husband lost his optimism, it's what keeps me going. But good for him (for both of you) for going along for therapy. That sounds pretty helpful.

Me, I'm pretty damn discriminating.

I love to discriminate, gives me something else to obsess about.

I like local RE's opinion and I would agree. Get those tickets booked!

My own mister is feeling pretty hopeless too, and that's also a role reversal in our house. Glad that you have a therapist to help you both process through things.

Classic answer from the RE! That's what mine keeps saying. Grrrrrr.

Before my acceptance for DE cycle with Cornell it was required that I have mock cycle with endometrial biopsy (this is true for all DE patients and the big man himself personally reviews all slides). My protocol included antibiotics and steroids prior and during transfer. I had never had a miscarriage or even gotten to transfer due to poor response, but the Cornell protocol worked for me. Good luck, my philosophy is to test, test, test, what can it hurt.

Anyone out there reading this who is considering a DE cycle with Cornell I can't say enough wonderful things about DE team at Cornell they were very hands on and very invested in our success. Yes they make you jump through a lot of hoops but it is only because they want the same thing you do.

Hey, Millie. No good advice, but wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

Well, I haven't been there (yet) or done that, so I don't know what to say. Maybe skip the saffari next time?

Hang in there, Millie... I hope things will turn around for you, and soon! Your mister sounds like a sweet man... btw, do you live in Oaktown currently? I was reading your previous post on yoga...

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