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Sunday, 12 February 2006


Oh no, Millie! You've given me a whole new mantra to keep my hopes up. No matter what happens to me in life, I can always say to myself, "Well, at least the dogs didn't pee on my bed."

Good luck in your job hunt. :-)

I know it's not funny about the dog peeing on the bed, but the image of you coming home liquored up and randy and not to be deterred by a pee spot is pretty amusing:)

Good luck with the second interview on wednesday.

I just have one thing to say to you: Buy a waterproof mattress cover.

Seriously, when you have kids, you'll thank me. My son vomited on our bed just last night.

Was that two things?

Anyway, glad you had a good time.

We go to an Oscar party every year, sounds like pretty much the same set-up: the statue, the pool, the food. This party is attended mostly by journalists and (surprise) the entertainment writer usually wins. Shouldn't they be disqualified or something? Good luck at the second interview!

Have you seen Capote yet ? Very good. I love the Oscar party. I never win either though. I always think I have it dialed in, too.

Good luck with the interview ! Thinking good employment thoughts.

One last thing - BAD DOG !


I am rooting for, well, I am not sure yet! Still ruminating. I love the Oscars and I wish I could go to a fab party like that.

2nd interview is great! Thumb holding and limb crossing going on right now.

And I second the new waterproof cover. You can even buy them now that don't feel like rubber (unless you like that, of course bwhaha!).

Millie, LOL! Perfect visual of the wet bed and coming home horny. You just reminded me why we have a cat and not a dog. xox, Fran

I've been dying to see that movie. Good to know that it will be worth the wait. Best of luck with interview #2!!

I bet in your slightly tipsy state, you were confused about the wet spot eh? Sounds like the dog was just a wee bit pissed off eh?

Gotta love dogs.

So, let me make sure I understand this- You socialize with real live people? Wow. I am terribly impressed. My guess is that the gay cowboy movie wins all the oscars. Have fun planning your party. (just saw the constant gardner on the weekend and it was v.v. good).

gosh - i must be watching too much court tv - since all i'm thinking is that someone broke into your house and "had relations" on your bed. . .

i guess i'm not a dog owner. . .

Sorry that the dog peed on your mojo, but it does sound like a good evening. I have to admit to having not really enjoyed Mrs Henderson. It was a bit british luvvies all being very happy to be with each other. But that's just me. I'm putting money on the gay cowboys as well.

Please can we all come to your party?

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